Sunday, November 19, 2006

This Week's Forecast: Whine and Cheese

First things first: Frema, I am so ready for this CD exchange. I just need Kev to make me something for an insert. Bring on my matches!!

In other news, I got my students' semester-long projects on Friday. Part of the assignment was to make some sort of container/handmade book to contain the project. I wish I could take some photos, but alas, FERPA and all that. I think it's okay to say, though, that some were REALLY really cool, including a leather book (project was Native American) and an honest-to-goodness Greek Temple! About 8 inches tall (note to self, in addition to height and length restrictions, add depth!) and made of wood. The report is contained inside. So cool

Of course, some are, erm, not exactly what I expected. Lots of objectionable materials (aesthetically, not like, rape scenes or anything like that!) on a few, and one is a massive box (well constructed, though!) that must have weighed about eight pounds. And I had to lug these things, all 40, across campus. Owww, my arms are still tired.

So I have my work cut out for me. I can't decide how to return these, either. Do I really want to drag them all in again? I think I will add a few points of extra credit to the student who goes with me to my car to get them.

Although, maybe I don't want them to know which car is mine. I mean, this is the first bit of writing I'll be grading them on (extended writing, that is). And in the past I've encountered almost every "excellent writer" from every high school in the area. What if they put two and two together and slash miss Salma Booboo's tires?

Which always makes me think of Rainman being an excellent driver, up and down the driveway on Sundays. So stay tuned for more Art Nerd rants, including, to be sure- Just What Are They Teaching These Fools in High School, Anyway?! and AIM Speak Is Not Appropriate for College Papers: True or False?


Frema said...

I should be sending out the e-mail assigning groups today.

I'm so glad you're excited!

Anonymous said...

In response to your two upcoming posts: I have no freakin' idea and HELL no! Not if you're over 24 anyway.

Maybe tell them they need to come to your office hours to pick up their assignments? That is ridiculous.