Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dear Cats

Dear Sam:

I love you so much. But just because I accidentally left the roll of paper towels out after cleaning last night, doesn't mean I have a need for absorbent shreds of paper all over my nice chair. Thanks for taking care of this.

And Sophia:

Dude, there's no reason to meow, loudly, from underneath the bed when my alarm goes off. I heard it, thanks. And the percussive noises you make with the boxspring? Not so cute at 7 am. Just so you know.

Love, that lady who feeds you nasty canned food and brushes your hair from the chairs every day.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Speaking of parties

So I'm wondering what to bring for Andrew's party. BTW, I would totally link to his blog, it's, but on the new computer, this function is not present. Anyway, so what to bring?

I made mozzarella balls last time and they all went. Maybe I'll do those again. Can't remember if this is a dinner thang or more snacky picky type foods. I'll have to ask.

I love these parties. It's like we're grown ups or something. Living as I do in my parents' basement apartment, that's sometimes hard to come by. But this is our year, 2006, when Kev and Lauren get a house. I'll be able to work more starting in the summer, and I hope to have some classes lined up soon. That would rock, I just can't wait to get my own classes. It's so scary/exciting/happy/daunting!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas

Only a bit though, at least in our basement dwelling. I'm finished my work for the semester, and I've returned a shite load of books to the library. See, honey, we do have a floor! And I've gone through my bookshelves and edited my collection a bit more. I'm sure I'll get some sort of books for presents this year, and I need room for em. Also, it's not very feng shui to have no space for more information. So declutter your bookcases!

Tonight I believe I will put up the tree. Also, I will vaccuum so I can wrap presents, because no one wants cat hair on the tape of their packages. I love to give presents. So much fun! It's better for me than getting them. I mean, I won't turn down a gift, no way, but I like giving them even better. I still have a bit of a list to shop for, including Kev's parents, his sister, my mom and my aunt. I have plans for all but Kev's mom and sister, but they're pretty easy to please. Not worried about it too much.

I do, however, hate to wrap presents. People say, but you are an artist (which, uh, I haven't produced anything in months, am I really?) or you went to art school, but people? they do not teach you how to wrap presents there, oh no. Too busy with the perspective and the craft and all that. And let's not forget the extensice education in pretentious art speak, either.

This week will be a whirlwind of activity, capped off with Andrew's annual Christmas Eve Eve party. I hope to have their wedding present done for them by then. Because they only got married in October. I hope they don't mind, but I doubt they will.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Thanks a lot, readers...

Sheesh, I had to write that paper myself! Dude! But now it's handed in, and my prof will have to just deal with the incoherence. I have not a clue what I said, but in a nutshell, I just wrote some things about Michelangelo that I get that no one else does. hehehehehe, or something. Now it's just one more paper left to punch up, and I am freeeee!

So, anyone know about Caravaggio's working practice? anyone? Beuller? (that looks funny, is that how it's spelled?)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Any takers?

If anyone would like to write me a paper about Michelangelo and Neoplatonic thought, and how his worldview changed from his youth to his old age, I'd be willing to pay. Like a lot of money.

Isn't funny how when the end is in sight, you get kiiiiiinda lazy?

Anyway, please contact me if you want to make some extra holiday cash...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Presentation tomorrow!

Ahhhh, and it's only 11:30 and my script is done. Holy crap! It feels nice. I can read it tomorrow at work and find the places where I forgot important sentence components, like verbs. Happens, I guess.

An aside-- Charlie Brown's Christmas special was on tonight. I went to my sister's to watch it with her and Liam, and my mom and me. SOOOO fun, he seemed to actually watch and enjoy it. The little man has taste, right!

Okay that's it, I can't type any more, my hands = icy. Good night, and think of me between the hours of 3-5. I hope my outfit looks cute! Since that's what it's all about anyway...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Holy freak-out, Batman!

Well, I am still in school. That application for an extension was for a whole year, not a semester. Thank God! And now it's on to writing my papers that are actually due in the next week and a half. I feel so much better, and I've totally been slacking on my Caravaggio pres, which I shouldn't, because it's on Wednesday. But it's only a 10 pager, that's not too harsh.

What's that? You want to know what my pres will be about? Well, it's about the painting technique that Caravaggio used. I'll be dealing with the ground he painted on as well as the way he composed. As a matter of fact, this pres will show how, in a way, he's related to Leonardo (da Vinci, which is not, Dan Brown, his middle name- and any self-respecting art historian would know that, duh- he was a bastard child without a last name, from the town of Vinci. That's it, my new new last name is da philadelphia. I mean, what a jack ass. And this Robert Langdon character speaks neither French nor ITalian? PLEASE! I can read both, and I'm modern/contemporary! But I digress)

Then I have a paper about Michelangelo and Neoplatonism, I think? And then I'll fix up my pres for a paper, and then get cracking on my Directed Research paper. Everything except the DR is due by the 14th, when I will finally get to put up my Christmas tree, yay!

That's the thing about being in school, you see. Finals really cut in to my Christmas revelry. So, I am glad that this is my last Christmas as a student. Woo ha!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


After what seems like a month of ups and downs, highs and lows, being certain this frickin thesis will be in and then positive I'll never finish, it seems I need some more time. I've done my second draft, well, will be completely finished, read over the whole effin paper to make sure it's still coherent again, today. And I'll give it to advisormus prime today. But he's going away for the weekend, and advisor part deux wants his approval before she'll read it again. Great! So I'll be a few days long of the deadline.

Now, nothing, I repeat, nothing will stand in the way of me having that paper in to the Graduate Office by the New Year. But I live now in mortal fear of Graduate Chair, who normally loves me and likes my writing style a great deal more than my advisors, prime and deux. And of having to go in front of Grad Committee and explaining why it took so freaking long and hey, can I please not take my comps again? I think the problem is that I applied for Graduation last year, before I even had written a word. Why, I dunno. Overly optimistic, I guess.

So, maybe I'll be going back to school next semester. I am really angry with myself right now. But there isn't too much more I can do about it. I'll just have to finish up my work for this semester and see what happens. Stupid, stupid.