Monday, December 19, 2005

Speaking of parties

So I'm wondering what to bring for Andrew's party. BTW, I would totally link to his blog, it's, but on the new computer, this function is not present. Anyway, so what to bring?

I made mozzarella balls last time and they all went. Maybe I'll do those again. Can't remember if this is a dinner thang or more snacky picky type foods. I'll have to ask.

I love these parties. It's like we're grown ups or something. Living as I do in my parents' basement apartment, that's sometimes hard to come by. But this is our year, 2006, when Kev and Lauren get a house. I'll be able to work more starting in the summer, and I hope to have some classes lined up soon. That would rock, I just can't wait to get my own classes. It's so scary/exciting/happy/daunting!

1 comment:

ANDREW M. said...

i know what you can bring over to my pad: a clean house.

also, do you have jeff and/or mia's email. shoot that over to my mailbox if you can. thanks.