Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ay ay ay

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Ain't it hot? I somehow didn't add this to the post below, but this is the new bane of my existance. Behold its pink fiberglass-y ness. Yikes

Monday, October 23, 2006

A Hobbling Hiatus

Sorry for the unplanned hiatus, but you know what is hard? Walking in a cast. Because ladies and gentlemen, meet my albatross:

Yes, that's fine hot pink fiberglass, all packaged nicely in a rainbow fucking shoe. Whaaaat? Why? Please know that if I had realized the reality of the walking shoe before I blurted out "Pink!" when the Dr. asked me which color I wanted, I would never have chosen something so loud. Oh my guh, people, I am a walking, well, hobbling, freakshow.

So, how about them ancient Greeks?! That's what I'm teaching now. They don't seem to be too into it. I'll have to think of something to do with them Wednesday to put them in a better mood. If corporate drones get cases of the Mondays, I hereby and forthwith coin the phrase "a case of the mid-semesters" to refer to the general malaise that my students now face. They're showing up late, if at all, and falling asleep. They have an outline due Friday, an exam next Wednesday, and crits for their studio classes this week. And a broken instructor who tries to make up for her immobility during class to crack jokes about the bodies on the geometric Krater looking like Doritos and the pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses like being on the Jerry Springer show.

They do look like doritoes, no? Doritos? hrm.

Anyway, I also had my first cry-er today. She's sad, she hates the program, is transferring and switching to a more practical major. I kind of didn't know what to do- she needed a hug, but I did my best to reassure her, verbally of course, that the new school she was transferring to was great (my friend Regina went there and loved it) and that if she needed to switch her major to just do it. Erg.

They're all being really nice to me about my cast, getting me my mail, talking more in class, etc etc. They are a good group of students, too- lots of A averages, it's impressive. But I am sure I will have amusing tales to tell about what their paper projects will include. And the Greek names are always good for a larf, too.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I also showed my ass

Remember when Teacher Lady wrote about the showing one's ass phenomenon?

Well, I did that today. Except not in the metaphorical sense. Literally, I think I showed my ass.

Now, let's begin at the beginning. The beginning of this story is Saturday at 1:30 pm. I am trying to leave the house with my mom and my nephew. I trip in my apartment (over a shoe, that place really is a pit). Should have taken it as an omen. Because as we're trying to leave for the store, I pretty much just fall out of the front door. With Liam in my arms. I thought I broke him, but he really just has a scratch on his nose. (Andrew, I promise, I won't walk while holding your girl, honest!)

I, on the other hand? Ass over teakettle, totally fell on my face. My ankle? Is so effed up. Will follow up with an orthopaedic dr tomorrow. I am in an Aircast and crutches. Which, strangely enough, given my exhibited grace in the beginning of this story, I AM NOT GOOD AT CRUTCHING. This comes into play with the showing of the ass.

Lucky for me, the injured ankle is on my left, so I can drive to school. Thanks Gob. But, actually getting into the library (and across the parking lot to the library) proved exhausting. As I was about to get to the door, I noticed one of my students in the doorway. He is a nice boy and was waiting to hold the door for me. I got in the front door okay, and was able to, in a most dignified manner, hop down the steps, 9 in all.

This is where it gets, um, unfortunate.

There is a set of double doors, the vestibule, and then my classroom's doors. Between the two sets of doors, I wiped out on my crutches. Seriously wipee out. Like, flat on my ass, have no idea how to get up, and oh my god these pants are a little big on me kind of fall. So one of my students just might have seen my ass today. I think he deserves extra credit, no?

When he helps me to my feet and opens the door to the classroom (mercifully window-free), EVERY student is looking. I do know how to make an entrance, baby!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Look, over there, to your right!

I've fixed the Links part of my template, by giving it the old college try. Then banging my head on the desk. Then asking for help. Then it not really helping. Then, I gave up and changed the damn template, started over again, and viola! The linkies work.

Some of these blogs are my staples, and some of them I intended to make daily stops. I found them when my boss and coworker (or 2/3 of my office) were on vacation. And then my blog went batshit crazy, and I forgot about them. But! With much resolve, I will tackle expanding my blogging universe, again!

Am now taking suggestions- what blogs should I be reading?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Good Times are Killing Me

So, Kev's band played in NYC Friday night. It was fun fun fun, but I've realized how very old I've become. At 27, it now takes me two days to recover from staying out until 6am. I slept pretty much all day yesterday, and I'm still really slow and bleary-eyed right now. I have a lecture to write up, about 30 exams to grade (thank god I told them to give me a week!) and my bed is calling out seductively.

But I used to work at the deli for a 10 hour shift, standing, with no break (hello child labor laws!!) on about 2 hours of sleep. And then go out that night to repeat the cycle. And? I used to smoke a lot of doobage then, too!

I also realized how socially anxious I can get. I was FREAKING OUT about the number of people in the club. Holy crap, it was cramped and HOT in there! My sister came with us, and when she wasn't barfing in the bathroom (ten beers in the bus on the way up will do that to ya, I guess) she helped me to breathe through the fear. I am the worst. rockstar. wife. evah.

In other news, I've realized that I seem to always post on Mondays, then get wrapped up in the week and forget until Friday or Saturday. So I am now committed myself to being a long-weekend blogger, posting things on Fridays through Mondays and that will have to suffice for the week. I am not going to go all philosophical and quit blogging altogether (hey, I'm just now starting to teach, this is a WEALTH of material that grad school just didn't provide!!). I'm just going to realize my limitations- which, to be fair, have less to do with school and more to do with watching my nephew and playing with him, let's be honest!- and commit to something more do-able for me. I wish blogger had a "Publish on" button like typepad does. Meh, potato, potatoh. I hope you keep reading!*

*This is not a shameless call for sympathy or "Art Nerd, we love you" comments. I don't think. :)

Technical Difficulties

If anyone knows why ALL THE DAMN LINKS on my posts and on the sidebar link to myblogyourblog, thusly not working, gimme a holler, okay? Thanks!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

What do NBA tattoos have to do with Egyptian Art? I'll tell you!

Gave my students an exam on Wednesday- a first for me! Oh my god, I was so nervous. I actually had to excuse myself from the exam (when only a few trustworthy girls were left in the room) to go to the bathroom. That nervous. They seem to have done well, at least my smaller first section did. Three As, three Bs, one D and two Fs. The two who failed have a story that is worthy of rate your students (thanks professordog for clueing me in to this site!) Something about lending out a copybook full of class notes, a soccer game very far away, and the resultant not studying (apparently not only on the part of he of the lost copybook, but also of the copybook captor).

The copybook captor is the same student who, for the first two weeks of class, would listen to my lecture with a horrible scowl on his face. I was sure he was listening to me talk, trying to gather clues as to which car I drive in order to slash my tires or something. Pure HATRED in his eyes. Then, at the end of class, he'd get up and say, "Thanks, prof, see you next time!" WTF? All nice and sociable like! Weirrrrrd.

I start teaching Egypt this week, and I am so amped for it. I LOVE this material, and it's so fun to teach. All the death and mythology and good stuff like that, added to the story of King Tut and how he wasn't really a pivotal historical figure, his tomb just happens to have survived, and my "think about the IMPLICATIONS of this little fact, people! What do we really know about the ancient world, who have we missed, just imagine!" spiel. And I get to show a photo of Rasheed Wallace, who has just about the coolest tattoo I've ever seen (besides Kev's, of course).

See, it's like the relief of Akhenaten, and he shows his children, which is an innovation of the Amarna style, and omg, this is such cool stuff, kids!!

I had a dream that they were all really really into my lecture. I hope so. It's unfortunate that this particular field of study doesn't lend itself too readily to really awesome interaction in the classroom, but hey, maybe if I come across as really enthusiastic, it'll rub off?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Fun with email trickery

So I emailed them, and they break down as follows:

one student swears she sent it, some sort of "problem" with her "school email", but I did get it from another email address. hmmmm
two students completely forgot (points for blatant honesty almost cancel out deductions for lateness. Almost)
one left who I haven't yet heard from

So I guess I'm now the "nice" teacher, which I'm sure will translate into "walked all over", but thems the breaks, I guess. I'd still like to read Teacher Lady's brilliant comment-that-Beta-ate, but I went ahead with my gut, and for the most part it worked out.

What is it with people thinking I know nothing about email? I don't know that much about technology, but emails that are sent are usually received. The others aren't in my junk mail, and the university server or whatever did not eat them. Whatever, it's not the biggest deal, but I hate being thought of as stupid, ya know?

And another thing? Why do they insist on sending me email from hotchocolatelovin or rainbowbrite(year-these-youngins-were They have perfectly good school sanctioned, boring ass emails for school type use. Even then, some of them change those aliases (aliai? aliae?) Anyway, please, college freshmen, I think you're fascinating, but I don't want to know which 80s cartoon character you identify with, and the ones with blatant sexual innuendo? PLEASE cease and desist! It's icky for me, more than you know. And this is the girl who relishes the chance to write the word "cunt" in papers to make her advisor sweat. This is saying something, y'all

Sunday, October 01, 2006

What to do?

Good news about the OBSERVATION, everyone- I am not fired! And? I was offered another section to teach in the Spring!! Continuing what I'm teaching this semester, from I guess medieval to maybe Renaissance or Baroque architecture? I don't know. I'll get the syllabus soon. So that's 3 classes, I am officially booked for the Spring! And I will be being PAID, dollah dollah bills, y'all! I'm so excited

This week, I've been busy returning students' email. They had to send me their preliminary thesis statements for their semester-long project. I received most of them. However, there are 3 that haven't sent them in. I'm debating whether or not to email the students and ask them where their thesis statements are. But I don't want to be the kind of teacher who treats them like babies. It's not the biggest deal, I'll be taking points off the "professionalism" component of the rubric, and it doesn't weight too heavily on the grade.

So, readers (if I have any left, because, like I said, Blogging his hard, y'all!) what do you think? Of course I'll ask my supervisor, but just wanted some interwebnet opinions as well. I'm torn, because they don't need me to hover, but I don't want these students to do badly in my class. They need to pass this in order to continue, or they become a year off in the already 5 year program. I'm listening!