Friday, October 13, 2006

Look, over there, to your right!

I've fixed the Links part of my template, by giving it the old college try. Then banging my head on the desk. Then asking for help. Then it not really helping. Then, I gave up and changed the damn template, started over again, and viola! The linkies work.

Some of these blogs are my staples, and some of them I intended to make daily stops. I found them when my boss and coworker (or 2/3 of my office) were on vacation. And then my blog went batshit crazy, and I forgot about them. But! With much resolve, I will tackle expanding my blogging universe, again!

Am now taking suggestions- what blogs should I be reading?


ANDREW M. said...

yeah, i tried to be helpful - then forgot to actually "help."

this parenting thing is really starting to cut into my free time.

mjd said...

You should try Back in the Day at

Frema said...

My friend Molly writes a blog at She's a mom with two young kids and is both poignant and funny. Check her out!

Moobsy said...

I am very much enjoying: and