Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Good Times are Killing Me

So, Kev's band played in NYC Friday night. It was fun fun fun, but I've realized how very old I've become. At 27, it now takes me two days to recover from staying out until 6am. I slept pretty much all day yesterday, and I'm still really slow and bleary-eyed right now. I have a lecture to write up, about 30 exams to grade (thank god I told them to give me a week!) and my bed is calling out seductively.

But I used to work at the deli for a 10 hour shift, standing, with no break (hello child labor laws!!) on about 2 hours of sleep. And then go out that night to repeat the cycle. And? I used to smoke a lot of doobage then, too!

I also realized how socially anxious I can get. I was FREAKING OUT about the number of people in the club. Holy crap, it was cramped and HOT in there! My sister came with us, and when she wasn't barfing in the bathroom (ten beers in the bus on the way up will do that to ya, I guess) she helped me to breathe through the fear. I am the worst. rockstar. wife. evah.

In other news, I've realized that I seem to always post on Mondays, then get wrapped up in the week and forget until Friday or Saturday. So I am now committed myself to being a long-weekend blogger, posting things on Fridays through Mondays and that will have to suffice for the week. I am not going to go all philosophical and quit blogging altogether (hey, I'm just now starting to teach, this is a WEALTH of material that grad school just didn't provide!!). I'm just going to realize my limitations- which, to be fair, have less to do with school and more to do with watching my nephew and playing with him, let's be honest!- and commit to something more do-able for me. I wish blogger had a "Publish on" button like typepad does. Meh, potato, potatoh. I hope you keep reading!*

*This is not a shameless call for sympathy or "Art Nerd, we love you" comments. I don't think. :)


dear wife said...

Yeah I hear you on that social anxiety thing, large crowds always bring out the panic attacks for me. Of course being with someone puking would not help me since my main fear is of vomit, or seeing people be sick. Lets just say I have never been a bar hopper. That is the one nice thing a bout pregnancy, you have a good excuse to skip those kinds of events.

samantha Jo Campen said...

Well hello! Nice to 'meet' you! Found you from my stats and had no idea you linked to me. (Probably because you've never left a comment for which I will forever hold a grudge).

I have panic attacks too, as I am claustrophobic. Lots 'o people = lots 'o hyperventilating for me. Yeah for Xanax!

Can't wait to read more--oh, and "Art Nerd, we love you!"

Vicki said...

NY clubs have caused more than a few freak-outs for me. Next time you're up this way, we should have lunch! Or beer! Or both!