Monday, October 23, 2006

A Hobbling Hiatus

Sorry for the unplanned hiatus, but you know what is hard? Walking in a cast. Because ladies and gentlemen, meet my albatross:

Yes, that's fine hot pink fiberglass, all packaged nicely in a rainbow fucking shoe. Whaaaat? Why? Please know that if I had realized the reality of the walking shoe before I blurted out "Pink!" when the Dr. asked me which color I wanted, I would never have chosen something so loud. Oh my guh, people, I am a walking, well, hobbling, freakshow.

So, how about them ancient Greeks?! That's what I'm teaching now. They don't seem to be too into it. I'll have to think of something to do with them Wednesday to put them in a better mood. If corporate drones get cases of the Mondays, I hereby and forthwith coin the phrase "a case of the mid-semesters" to refer to the general malaise that my students now face. They're showing up late, if at all, and falling asleep. They have an outline due Friday, an exam next Wednesday, and crits for their studio classes this week. And a broken instructor who tries to make up for her immobility during class to crack jokes about the bodies on the geometric Krater looking like Doritos and the pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses like being on the Jerry Springer show.

They do look like doritoes, no? Doritos? hrm.

Anyway, I also had my first cry-er today. She's sad, she hates the program, is transferring and switching to a more practical major. I kind of didn't know what to do- she needed a hug, but I did my best to reassure her, verbally of course, that the new school she was transferring to was great (my friend Regina went there and loved it) and that if she needed to switch her major to just do it. Erg.

They're all being really nice to me about my cast, getting me my mail, talking more in class, etc etc. They are a good group of students, too- lots of A averages, it's impressive. But I am sure I will have amusing tales to tell about what their paper projects will include. And the Greek names are always good for a larf, too.


Vicki said...

Aww you poor thing! Casts are such a hassle - get well soon!

And mmm Doritos... I hadn't thought of it that way, but it's quite an accurate description isn't it.

dear wife said...

Yeah crit weeks at an art school are always interesting. I love watching everone scramble. I have to say I have not been the best student myself recently, much not showing up, but I have a good excuse I am 38 weeks pregnant.