Monday, October 02, 2006

Fun with email trickery

So I emailed them, and they break down as follows:

one student swears she sent it, some sort of "problem" with her "school email", but I did get it from another email address. hmmmm
two students completely forgot (points for blatant honesty almost cancel out deductions for lateness. Almost)
one left who I haven't yet heard from

So I guess I'm now the "nice" teacher, which I'm sure will translate into "walked all over", but thems the breaks, I guess. I'd still like to read Teacher Lady's brilliant comment-that-Beta-ate, but I went ahead with my gut, and for the most part it worked out.

What is it with people thinking I know nothing about email? I don't know that much about technology, but emails that are sent are usually received. The others aren't in my junk mail, and the university server or whatever did not eat them. Whatever, it's not the biggest deal, but I hate being thought of as stupid, ya know?

And another thing? Why do they insist on sending me email from hotchocolatelovin or rainbowbrite(year-these-youngins-were They have perfectly good school sanctioned, boring ass emails for school type use. Even then, some of them change those aliases (aliai? aliae?) Anyway, please, college freshmen, I think you're fascinating, but I don't want to know which 80s cartoon character you identify with, and the ones with blatant sexual innuendo? PLEASE cease and desist! It's icky for me, more than you know. And this is the girl who relishes the chance to write the word "cunt" in papers to make her advisor sweat. This is saying something, y'all


Anonymous said...

I gotta tell ya, Blogger Beta sucks! I just left the LONGEST comment and Blogger ate it. Bastards! What I said was (short version): this is exactly why I REFUSE to accept ANY assignments via e-mail. Too easy for them to claim cyberspace ate their paper and then somehow it's my problem. No. Turn in your crap during class, during my office hours or drop it in my department mail box, but NO electronic submissions of any assignments. Also - in my syllabus, I include how I get SO much spam that if I do not recognize an e-mail address, into the trash bin it goes! So You need to use your university e-mail. Otherwise, your message won't get read. Sometimes, you just have to play hard ball with the little buggers.

Anonymous said...

wot the hell? yuo do not mack sents