Sunday, December 04, 2005

Holy freak-out, Batman!

Well, I am still in school. That application for an extension was for a whole year, not a semester. Thank God! And now it's on to writing my papers that are actually due in the next week and a half. I feel so much better, and I've totally been slacking on my Caravaggio pres, which I shouldn't, because it's on Wednesday. But it's only a 10 pager, that's not too harsh.

What's that? You want to know what my pres will be about? Well, it's about the painting technique that Caravaggio used. I'll be dealing with the ground he painted on as well as the way he composed. As a matter of fact, this pres will show how, in a way, he's related to Leonardo (da Vinci, which is not, Dan Brown, his middle name- and any self-respecting art historian would know that, duh- he was a bastard child without a last name, from the town of Vinci. That's it, my new new last name is da philadelphia. I mean, what a jack ass. And this Robert Langdon character speaks neither French nor ITalian? PLEASE! I can read both, and I'm modern/contemporary! But I digress)

Then I have a paper about Michelangelo and Neoplatonism, I think? And then I'll fix up my pres for a paper, and then get cracking on my Directed Research paper. Everything except the DR is due by the 14th, when I will finally get to put up my Christmas tree, yay!

That's the thing about being in school, you see. Finals really cut in to my Christmas revelry. So, I am glad that this is my last Christmas as a student. Woo ha!


Mikey said...

Not that I know a whole helluva lot about art, but last night on hist channel they had a good show on Mr. Davinci. That was one smart guy. I knew he was a genius artist, but had no idea that he was such an engineer as well. All the military stuff he came up with. Designs for what could be considered a primitive machine gun, and even a tank! Thanks Davinci. THanks alot, if only you could see where you inventions have gotten us now! What a nut!

Art Nerd Lauren said...

I saw that! Totally distracted me from writing my paper, but pretty well done. Better than a lot of those specials, though the pronounced some names, like, completely wrong.