Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Please don't laugh at or judge me

I know that this blog is not exactly known for its airing of my laundry, but everyone, I have a very dirty secret. I am only coming clean tonight because this love affair is now over. It ended tonight at 9:00 EST. One man won and another walked away, broken hearted.

Y'all, I was just totally addicted to Dancing with the Stars. Yes, I know it's cheesy. And I realize you can definitely misconstrue this wonderfully entertaining show as being pretty C-list stuff.

However, there is just something about watching people dance that makes me happy. I loved watching this show. I watched with my sister and my mom, and at first I made fun of them for liking it so much. But somehow I got hooked. I'm not proud.

Now that my secret is out, can I just tell you how loud I screamed and yelled when Emmitt won? I pretty much always root for the underdog, but even moreso when he's just so darn likable. Emmitt seemed like he really enjoyed himself, and he probably wouldn't be all bitter and heartbroken had he not won.

Even better than Emmitt winning? Mario Lopez losing! I HATE him, I hate his jerkoff face, I hate his jerkoff attitude. He was so cocky. And that "romance" thing he had going with his partner- uh, yeah, dude. I'm not buying it, that was sooooo for the cameras. You suck. Now he's being all sour grapes about losing. There was an interview on my local news with him. He said something to the effect of thinking that this contest was about the best dancer. Ew! What a douche! What a cocky prick, and his partner, ew hate her too. Hate her so much that when she comes on the screen I am compelled to yell HATTTTE. Ew. Ew.

So let's have it readers. What is your TV dirty secret?


ANDREW M. said...

miami ink - i dig all the drama.

lawrence welk - cause i dig the accordion.

and COPS, of course, but that's no secret.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think you know a few of mine - of COURSE The Girls Next Door. A train wreck. I cannot look away. Any E! True Hollywood story. Old Roseanne reruns on Oxygen. OH! And a NEW bad habit: Making the Squad: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (which should be called Lots of Close-up Crotch-Shots for Perverted Old Men) on (horrors!) Country Music Television.

jen said...

EMMITTTTTTT! Love that guy (and unlike Mario, a class act. and also? I ended up with a a crush on him - did not see that one comign as i am not really a football player swoon-ee.)

So you think you can dance was also an awesome show to watch.

Veronica mars (tho not really a "guilty" pleaseure tho a CW show,so there you go)

Fraulein N said...

I watched VH1's Flavor of Love. Like, religiously.