Thursday, November 02, 2006

I just hope his mom doesn't go there with the chunky soup!

I used to go to a very nice dentist whose office was located in his basement. It's really not as shady as it seems, lots of the end rowhomes in my city are converted into retail/medical offices. He was nice, remembered me from visit to visit, and sang *profoundly off key* as he was scraping my teeth.

When I got my own medical and dental insurance, I had to switch- he didn't accept my new plan. When I went on Kev's insurance, I could have switched back. The truth is, I felt bad about switching in the first place, and I can't handle rejecting another dentist.

Not that my new dentist would notice. I think everyone in the city goes here. The waiting room is always packed, though I never wait very long. The practice is so weird and machine-like, I don't even know which dentist I see, and it's always the same one. RIGHT? That's weird. There are a bazillion hygenists, four doctors, eighteen receptionists and a flat panel TV on every wall surface. This office has swank, while the old one had charm.

I was checking in on Halloween to have my filling fixed (Booooo that sucked!). As I was paying, my eyes fell on a stack of charts. Presumably of those who had been in the office earlier in the day. Well, guess whose chart I saw?

And can I say that I don't think this is a common name? And he does have rather nice teeth, and I am proud that I share a dentist with him (possibly, since I don't know my dentist's name).

Donovan McNabb. Of the Eagles. Oh yeah.

He's on the left here. Nice teeth, no? I am so not switching now, and OMG everyone me and D Mac are on the same dental schedule!!!! whee!


Frema said...

How funny that both you and Isabel posted dentist stories on the same day! And on Wednesday I made two cleaning apppointments for Luke and me for after Thanksgiving. Teeth are in the air!

Fraulein N said...

Hee. Good call; Donovan McNabb has nice teeth.