Monday, November 06, 2006

Making frieeeeeends, for the world to seeeeee...

I love NaBloPoMo!

Not only do I have the freedom, nay, the need to post anything, just to have a post on the day, I met some new friends!! Ladies and gentlemen, behold:

Sugared Harpy

Two more art historians in the house! As per her comment earlier today, Roricka and I have formed a gang of rogue art historians. boo-frickin-ya, ya'll. And? In checking in this morning between classes, I found that my bloggy is mentioned on wikipedia under "academic blogs". And then the entry throws around words like pedagogy and techy things, and I'm all, "Huh?" Because really, they just throw us in a classroom and let us fend for our damn selves. I'm working without a net, here! And the academic talk around here is basically a random smattering of tales of the kind of ass I made of myself today in front of class. Oh wikipedia, you silly silly bitch!

And in other, related news, I think my BFF from grad school might be moving back to my fine city. And not only that, but might be moving to a sublet that is about 4 minutes from our house! I'd die, just die if she were that close. I'm gushing, and I'm so not a gusher.

My house smells like mulled cider, not from the actual thing, but from the candle I bought the other day at Lowes. Mmmm, beautiful! The end


samantha jo campen said...

Don't you love yummy house smells? Who cares how you got 'em:-)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. Also, I like the Bath & Body works "Plug-in" thing that smells like Spiced Cider because now my house smells like . . . Spiced Cider.

Anonymous said...

Not to be a complete idiot, but how do you look up a blog on Wikipedia? I tried to look up yours by both URL and blog name and didn't get any results.

melissa b. said...

ha, thanks!

As you can tell, I'm quite excited to find more of us out here. As with most rogue gangs, I'm all for joining. Is there alchohol at these things? I'm in.

And yes, pedagogy? Whaaa? On one hand I am now glad for the academic freedom, but some (read: any) pointers would have been lovely in the beginning.