Wednesday, November 29, 2006

All right, all right, so Christmas time IS here!

Okay, okay, I know I said I wasn't in the holiday spirit, and wasn't planning on forcing it until December rolls around (still 2 days left of November and all). BUT! My nephew started a love affair with a new movie. We sat and watched Charlie Brown Christmas about 7 times today. He loves when Snoopy skates, and dances, and when the kids are all dancing to the song Linus and Lucy, oh man do we breaks it down. (An aside- I LOVE little kid dancing, which usually consists of the sticking out of big diapered butt and bouncing. Sigh, I want one. A baby, not a diapered butt, I'm a little young for that!)

The best part is that he calls the movie Shoo-pie. Which is both a strangely adorable mispronunciation of Snoopy's name and further confirmation that my sister gave birth to Cartman from South Park. You just have to hear his voice.

So I got to thinking about holiday time movies that I like. My all time favorite, which I watched tonight with my sister, is Scrooged-

Come on, Bill Murray, eighties capitalism, and a feel-good ending where the hard-hearted exec comes to Jesus, er, gets the Christmas spirit? ME LIKEY! It reminds me of when I was in 6th grade and had mono over Christmas. I know, I know, big slut ho. I have no idea how I got it, seeing as how I didn't even kiss anyone till later in the year. The other thing that reminds me of having mono is the movie Silkwood, which scared the bejeebus out of me when I wasn't feverish, and which my mom made me watch. I was very dramatic in those days, and was sure I was dying of radiation poisoning. Between that, the way I felt and the smell of the eggroll my mom had microwaved, I never wanted to curl up and die more in my life. So far ;)

Holy tangent, batman! Tell me, fair readers, what are your favorite Christmassy-type movies?


ANDREW M. said...

my most HATED is "rudolph the red-nosed doormat" - because it teaches that it's ok to shun others for being different as long as you change your mind when the shunee's deformity can help you out of a jam. what a bunch of bull. santa and "all of the other reindeer" are straight up dicks in that movie - i hate it. the only characters with any moral fiber, aside from rudy, are yukon cornealius (awesome,) the lazy fake dentist, the misfit toys, and, of course, the bumble.

my most LOVED is "a muppet family christmas." when the swedish chef abandons his plans to cook big bird for dinner after the big guy lays some bird seed on him as an xmas present - i wept like a baby. fozzie's mom is a piss too. youtube has the whole thing and it's good quality too.

Anonymous said...

Oh my new favorite is Elf! I think Will Ferrell plays adorably clueless much better than he plays clueless swarthy overgrown frat boy. My "old" favorite(s) - the Christmas Story and a version of The Christmas Carol from the 80s - George C. Scott plays Scrooge. Now THAT is acting!!!

The only Clay-mation special I really like is the one with Heat-Meister (?) and Freeze-whatever but I can never remember which one that is. Year Without a Santa Claus?

Frema said...

It's A Wonderful Life and A Very Brady Christmas. They're the only holiday flicks I MUST watch every year.

jen said...

A Christmas Story-- hand down. I never,ever, ever get sick of that movie.

I probably have seen A Muppett Family Christmas when I was little but Ithink I have to check it out again.

Squisita said...

Miracle on 34th Street. I love everything about it, especially when Santa starts talking to the Dutch girl. And when no lesser authority than the U.S. Government decides that he is the rightful recipient of bags and bags of mail!

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