Thursday, November 23, 2006


I'm still in a laughy mood, because dinner with the rents, the neph, the sis and the aunt were great fun. Kev always has the good jokes, and sister told many tales of her stint at the Macy's parade. So today I would like to express my thanks to the person who invented stat counters. Without you, I would not know that people happened upon this here blorg by searching-

covered in bird turd
pink cast
train crash yikes
coco crispies
mario lopez sour grapes

and especially
britney spears photos (with a high concentration of these hits coming from the United Arab Emirates). Yep, thank you.

I think this may be my last post of this nature, not least of all because I plan to go shopping with my mom tomorrow bright and early. I may not be all chipper like I have been the last few days. And also, this crap is starting to sound like one of those Bud Light "Real Men of Genius" commercials. Bring back the artytude!

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