Wednesday, November 01, 2006

NaBloPoMo, you say?

NaBloPoMo is an acronym (and one rife for double entendres, if you ask me!) of National Blog Posting Month. I have signed up for the challenge, which entails updating all my (5) readers on my not-so-exciting life. I hope to get at least to the teens before reverting to memes and "hey, ask me questions!" posts, but I'm so not promising anything.

So, hi, then, what's up? I gave the second exam today, and there was this boy sitting in the back. Tall kid, sandy blonde-ish brown hair, indie haircut. I HAD NEVER SEEN THIS KID BEFORE IN MY LIFE. Not. a. clue as to who he was. Or who he was supposed to be.

See, I'm prone to, how do you say, ah, yes, overreact? a bit sometimes. It's my mom's fault, she taught me how to get my Irish up at a moment's notice.

I had myself convinced, CONVINCED! that he was taking the exam in someone else's place.

My mind was racing. What do I do? Do I confront him? Ask to see his ID? I am so serious when I say I have nevah! seen this guy before.

I came up with a plan. I was passing out the outlines I'd looked over after the students handed in their tests. I will just ask, casual like, what his topic was. If he didn't know, he wasn't Student! I am brilliant, I think. Masterful. They think they'll put one over on the young-ish teacher, ha ha, I'll show these goofballs.

He walks up to hand in his paper. I take a look. And I must have visibly relaxed.

The paper was only half filled in. Well, I think to myself, I guess if this guy doesn't pick better stand-ins, I'll just let this exam speak for itself. No need to confront.

I went home and realized that he isn't doing well at all in class. I guess I just didn't recognize him because he doesn't come to class all that often.

Happy NaBloPoMo, everyone! I want comments and love, please, in that order!


Vicki said...

Oh bummer - I had students like that in the midterm for my assistantship. As I was grading I was like "Who in the hell is this... oh, right," and then they'd fail. How discouraging.

Did you have essays on your exam? That was the scariest part, and I seriously wonder how college students (even the smart ones) can honestly be so incapable of expressing themselves in writing. I know they're not teaching them art or music or theater anymore, but how come they can't even write?! They must be daaaamn good at math.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that a pisser? I hope he doesn't get irritated when he realizes you don't know his name.

dear wife said...

Glad you will be posting more often. Hopefully my bloglines will notify me, it does not like your site all the time. but at least now I will know to check it on a dail basis.

Frema said...

Comments and love, comments and love! Anyone participating in NaBloPoMo deserves both. :)

samantha jo campen said...

Comments and love comin' right up!

I need to read you more so I'm sorry I haven't been consistant. I'll add you to my blogroll when I get back from Ohio.

NaBloPoMo rawks!