Saturday, November 11, 2006

Damaged, squared

I didn't know it was possible, but ladies and gentlemen, I've done it. I broke my cast.

Let me emphasize- I BROKE. my CAST.

There's a bigh hole in my heel, and up at the top on the underside of my foot, there's a lengthwise crack. And various lateral cracks and peelages.

Did you know this was possible? It is, and my god I've done it.

Also- Three days to go, and I'm getting scared about getting this thing off. I know, I've bitched and complained about it a lot, but I'm scared of how it's going to feel when the cast is gone. I dread waddling around without a bright pink cast on my leg even more than I did with my fiberglass appendage. All the unwelcome attention that I still haven't really written about is far better than what I've built up in my mind to be excruciating pain without any outward indicators of injury.

I know, I'm crazy. Hold me, readers. sniff sniff.

1 comment:

Vicki said...

Yeah, they are surprisingly easy to break. You must be happy to be getting it off!

I know what you mean about the outward indicator of injury - in the week after I got my ankle cast off, I think people must have budged about 1000 objects against it or shoved into me (knocking me totally off balance) more than ever in my life.

Maybe your doctor will give you an air cast for the transition? Or at least some entertaining pain meds?