Monday, November 27, 2006

Oh the weather outside is... actually nice!

I keep feeling this intense urge to go Christmas shopping. I feel panicked, because given the duration of the Christmas commercials' running on TV, it must be getting close. What should I get my MIL? What can I tell her that I want? Is this going to be a well received gift idea? Who am I forgetting? What about my flaky TA? And Kev, whose birthday is just days after Christmas? deep breath.

Then I look at the calendar, and for Christ's sake, it's STILLL November!

Honestly, is this Christmas season going to be interminable or what?! Neighbors have had lights up for weeks. Practically speaking, it makes sense for us, who actually do have wintry weather for Christmas, to put the lights up before it gets too cold out. It's been nice, and even my parents are going to put up lights this week, chronic procrastinators that they are. But the next logical step is not to light said lights, because it's not even December yet! Some of these people, no joke, have had their lights lit since after Halloween.

CRAZY TALK, I'm telling you.

I have bought about 4 gifts so far. But only because my mom makes me shop with her on Black Friday weekend. The only decorations up right now are the blue snowflake gellie things that stained my walls last year, so they remained until I can find the paint to touch the stains up. Oh, and some snowflake window clings that are on the "entertainment center" (read- crappy TV stand that came free with the TV, by Gob the ugliest piece of furniture in creation). I JUST noticed them as well.

In brief, what happened to Thanksgiving? I think I remember eating dinner, and turkey leftovers for eons, and the indigestion that comes with my aunt glorious once-a-year-is-all-that's-necessary cabbage salad, but it kind of got skipped over. I guess pilgrims don't sell as well as TVs.

In other news, I still feel bad about NaBlo drop out. It sucks that it ended that way- there were PRIZES involved, y'all. booo. But now I feel fresh, and the compulsion to phone it in is no longer present.

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Frema said...

Don't worry, Lauren. You're still eligible for a consolation prize!