Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lauren Does the Mid-West, the wrapup

I kind of fell off the whole blogging-on-vacation thing, and I'm sorry about that. But there were very important things to take care of. There was a best man speech to write. That was funny, with me all "taking a memo" style typing out what Kev was saying. Then I go to the front desk to have them print it for me, one stinkin page, and the jerkass won't do it!! I even tried to pull the best man card, to no avail. I'm really bad at the pulling rank, I didn't even get a suite the night of Kev's and my wedding, and I checked in wearing my dress and veil. That's two strikes against the Holiday Inn chain, as a matter of fact. But I digress.

Anyway, there was that, a hairspray emergency with the bridesmaids and flowergirls (that naturally I was called for- hello, was not a bridesmaid!!), the wedding blah blah blah and then... the drive home.

Driving home went well. Well, actually, we did lose our road in St. Louis, but it wasn't too bad because we then found the Anheuiser-Busch plant and took a tour. Beechwood aging, people, it's all about the beechwood. And the hops. But then stupid ass Dudley fucking Do-Right pulls me over, and I'm all bitter. It took a little longer to get home after that, what with me and then Kev verrrrr carefully observing the speed limit all the way to Phila.

So we made it, we're not divorced, and Sammy survived a week without his pops. He ripped up a whole roll of paper towels the night before we got back, but that's actually normal behavior for Sam. Sophia seems to have barely noticed our absence. The nephew did, though, and now he says my name now, a lot. It's so fun.

I've even done almost all the wash from the trip. Although the clean clothes are still in the suitcases. And this is dumb, but the bag, you know, the one filled with Vanilla-scented shaving cream? It's part of a set of luggage that I borrowed from my sister. Last night, I went and bought my own set. Ocean blue, instead of hot pink, so Kev and I can share. But how dumb is that, to buy a set of luggage after your maybe once yearly trip? Oh well, was 40 bucks, how could I refuse?


PhoenixHearse said...

Really now, how can you complain about a boring road trip that turns into a beer tour?

Jinbon H Wrong aka Sloop John B said...

Yeah $40, luggage prices are down if you shop the right places. I bought a whole set for $60 last year at Sears - three suitcases and a travel bag. You could go to Europe with a family of four with that. What's up with paying $500 or $2000 for luggage. What the hell?