Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lauren Does the Mid-West, vol. 2

1156 miles from Philadelphia
1 stop over in Terre Haute, Indiana
4 hours in St. Louis, Missori
1 stop at Nostalgiatown (or ville, or berg, or whatever) USA
19 hours of driving
-1 hour time difference
at least 10 deer carcasses and various unidentifiable blobs of road kill (ew, and sad)
1 duffle bag full of vanilla scented shaving cream

I'm going to bed, and I refuse to set an alarm for tomorrow. Tomorrow, Kev has an appointment to get a new tattoo. I will surely make fun of him for his sissy-la-la ness. And we may go shopping. Or not! We are on vacation. Good night everyone!

1 comment:

ANDREW M. said...

you HAVE to make fun of him - that's one of the perks of marrying a wimp. yes, that's a bastard of a spot to get a tattoo, but that shouldn't make you feel guilty about picking on a wimp.