Thursday, June 08, 2006

myspace= highschool all over

I have a myspace account. It's silly fun. I don't think it opens children up to internet predators, but I do think that they open themselves up to it. Witness my 14 year old cousin's profile, in which she claims to be both 17 and 14, and to have a kid. (She doesn't). Also, witness the sUpEr AnNoYiNg TyPiNg StYle ShE UsEs. What the hell? It takes so long to write like that, and the results are nearly illegible.

Anyway, this was not intended to be a rant about teenagers. For another day. This? Is a rant about myspace whores. No, not the random chickies that message you and want to be your friend/infect your computer with viri. I'm talking the ones who send out bulletins at lightning pace. Sometimes these whores come in the form of bands- come see our show! new album coming out! new song/pictures/random drivel on our page!

But mostly the major offenders are chicks my age. With desk jobs. This creates boredom, which creates longing for the highschool days, which catalyzes an urge to contact all your "friends" with stupid surveys that are obviously intended for much younger kids (Make out with anyone this weekend?). It's the webpage version of forwards

What really gets my goat- what? I have no goat, just cats! - is the all purpose "pay attention to me" kind of bulletins. New Blog up! (Um, honey, it's an entry- the journal itself is the blog) Comment on my pics! (If I did, you probably wouldn't like it, tramp!)

Of course, how would I know all this if I weren't on myspace all day everyday. God bless tabbed browsing, where I can have myspace, my email, and google open all at the same time. But still, it really brings me back to high school, in which the baffling ways of my gender-mates continues to perplex.

So, wanna me my friend?


Teacher lady said...

I don't have a MySpace account. I feel stupid admitting this, but I've been on it a few times just to see what all the fuss is about, and I don't quite understand it. So. embarrassed. But yes! L@uRenTheARtNerD! i will B ur friend!

ANDREW M. said...

ha! (writing "lol" makes me have bad feelings about myself.) laughing while reading this was exactly what i needed to help correct the massive hangover i have this morning. i didn't do anything embarassing in your car last night like poop or poop and eat it or try and make out with your husband, did i? i hope so.

liberalbanana said...

I'm with Andrew - I HATE when people write "LOL." Can't. Stand it.

I have a MySpace account, but I never use it. I just went on to see who I could find from my high school. I have proceeded to find everyone I could've ever wanted and then some. I should probably take my profile down now. :)

By the way, I've only received one really weird email through it - an older man who asked if I was into dating married men. I was like, "HELL NO!!!!" *shudder*