Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dear PA state police

Fuck you. You suck. Instead of sitting on the side of the road, trying to fill up your quota of speeding tickets for the month, why don't you install some speed limit signs? I. Hate. You.

I was worried about the po-po in W. VA, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, but not here. Not home. You ruined my faith in PA's superiorness as a state.

And now I have points on my license, and that, to me, is so much worse than notes on my permanent record card.



Kevin said...

you were going 81...

Art Nerd Lauren said...

shut. up.

Vicki said...

Anything under 90 is a perfectly legitimate speed and should be encouraged.

I wish they would start ticketing the people going 40 in the left lane of a 65, or straddling two lanes, or for general principle, driving Hummers through the narrow lanes of Brooklyn. Just saying.

p.s. welcome home!

PhoenixHearse said...

Hey, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for stopping at my blog.

Did you happen to fake a little crying? Or at least rub your eyes really hard so they'd look really red when the cop came back from his car?

This worked a little bit for me with a WV state trooper once. I still got a ticket, but he knocked off one of the charges. Maybe I should have flashed him?