Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mac genius?

If anyone knows what a Mac OS X system disk looks like, could you please tell me? Cause CompUSA wants mine, and Kev says it's on the computer desk, but I looked and looked, and I can't find the frickin thing, and now they're closed, but I'm still looking, even though I said an hour ago, and this is a direct quote, "Fuck it, I'm watching Rick Steves."

Our iMac blew the fuck up, people. Argh!! And? They have to do a system backup. And? It's going to cost us a hundred bucks. But! They're putting it on an external harddrive, which we get to keep.

And for the record, this goofup, I did not do. Unlike when I wiped out all our music, and moved files all over here and tarnation trying to change the username. FYI- can't be done, sorry! This one is all on Kev, I wasn't even home at the time! yessssss!

Hey, he was working on myspace when it happened, think I can blame them?

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liberalbanana said...

Yes, absolutely - blame it on MySpace. But seriously, that sucks. Computer problems are no fun!!! Hope it works out soon for you...