Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Weekend Roundup

So the Action! Packed! Weekend! is now over. Thank gob! I shall break it down for you in parts, easily managable morsels of Art nerdy goodness, beginning with:

Kev's Gig, Friday night

Okay, so south Jerz is scary, y'all. Kev's bands played first and second, and they generally rawked. Then, Then! On stage, for your rocking and viewing pleasure, was a man who obviously counted Steven van Zandt as a personal style icon. He had the big embroidered do-rag, a purple crushed velvet shirt, and what can only be described as rubber pants. They were not pleather, they were not vinyl, even! RUBBER. And then, the next band? Their bassist also looked like a pirate! Oh yes, twas a frighful night in so jerz, mateys.

Barnes Foundation, Saturday morning
Always a pleasure to visit Mr. Barnes' place. It's amazing, since there are no wall tags, you discover something else he has EVERY time! The neph waved hi to every baby he saw (and since the collection is heavy in Impressionism, there were a lot!) and barked at every doggie.

Bridal Shower, Saturday afternoon
Meh, boring. But Kev's cousin asked me to read in her wedding. Woo hoo, fun! No, really, I am excited. I've never been in a wedding party, exactly, but I've read in a lot of weddings. And I get a corsage, what fun! A pink one!

So come home from the shower and make pasta salad for the boy's first birthday party. The party was fun. Oh wait, need a heading. Here

The boy's first birthday party, Sunday afternoon
Flurries of activity, including my sister and me going to steal tables from her work, getting a shitload of balloons from multiple places, getting a Sesame Street cake and ashtrays. That was really our list.

Get home, decorate a bit and then the families came. Does everyone know how incredibly effed up my family is?? Not my immediate family, we're okay. If by okay you mean all live in one house and come about thisclose to killing each other. But my cousins are another story.

They are a little embarrassing. They fight all the time. They are also all solidly in their thirties. And my one cousin C is pregnant, and she's a pain in the ass about it. Her brother R is annoying as all hell, seriously, I think he's bi-polar but almost always on the upswing. Whatever you call that part. He babbles on and on about his inventions. Christ, the inventions! He's working with Rubbermaid right now, and then he's going to go to Wal Mart with another. But I just let him talk, because on the off chance he does really make something of this project, I get a new car. Actually, been thinking, I just want him to pay off all my debt, including my hefty student loans.

Also caught my 14 year old second cousin messing around on myspace. Now, I have an account, and I see nothing wrong with it, if the kids are supervised. This girl obviously isn't. Makes me sad. Compounding this is my aunt, the thirty-year olds' mother, who is just miserable! Never feels well, always starting trouble, etc etc.

And this is to say nothing of the boy's father's family. The one sibling of his father, ew, what a brat. She changes the mood of any room she walks in to. She sucks. As does her older sister, but mainly because she's a junky. yep! Bet the neighbors had lots to say about us that day!

The boy made out really well with presents. My nephew, Kev's sister's son, (2 yrs old) asked her to put a Buzz Lightyear table and chairs set in the car. Thief! Though I'd be lying if I said I didn't lock my doors to keep the boy's dad's family out of my apartment!

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