Friday, June 23, 2006

A message from the real world...

Argh! I have a student from last Spring's semester of the class from hell. Get this- he is still perplexed and contesting his grades from frickin Spring of 05.

My advisor (and this fool's instructor of record, gah!) wanted to know how we came up with an F for his grade. Well, ya big j.o.

his average on test grades- 35
his participation/paper grades- 50
(handing in one of two papers, late, and horribly wrong, still got him a 50 BECAUSE I AM NICE!)

So obviously Art History is not this boy's strong suit, but neither is math. And the kicker is that he is my age, getting an undergrad degree, and assured me and my fellow TA that he was not like those other students, lazy and not having his act together.

No, no, friend, you? Are sooooo much worse, because at least they're 18. Asshole!

vent over!

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Teacher lady said...

See? This is why I had a career crisis. THIS is what I don't get. At the risk of sounding like a broken record: At least when I was a f-ck up in undergrad, I took my crappy grades with grace. Or at least I slunk away in shame and kicked MYSELF for being such a loser. I didn't go sniveling back to the instructor trying to con myself into a better grade. Gob, those students drive me crazy!!!!