Monday, June 19, 2006

Kansas City, here we come

Kev and I are leaving for Kansas City today. Well, we will be, when he gets out of bed. And gets his hair cut. And we'll probably need some ice for the cooler. But then! We will, in fact, leave.

We're driving there, an 18 hour trip. It's because I'm afraid to fly, but also because we wanted an adventure. But mostly because I'm afraid to fly. It sucks, I know that logically we're so much safer flying, but I really just like to be able to touch the ground at all times. I like feeling in control and being able to see in front of me.

Our computer is still broken, but the iPod is raring to go. It was frozen yesterday, but for once I was able to fix something that Kev wasn't, so yay for me! We bought one of those iTrip thingies to play the iPod out of the car stereo, and viola! 60 gigs of music at our fingertips. I give it until we pass the middle of PA for Kev to get frustrated with my musical choices.

I hope we're not divorced by the time we get to KC! Stay tuned for tomorrow's installment of Lauren does the US.


dear wife said...

Welcome to our neck of the woods. I so feel you on the whole flying thing, I too am afraid to fly and only do it when I have to. Unfourtunately the fam lives a good three day drive away, so I am often forced to. And you put it so well, it is not a safety thing, but that loss of control.

Teacher lady said...

Wow. My max. tolerance for road trips is five hours. After that, I'm on a plane. My family is chock full of pilots so I've never quite grasped that fear of flying thing. However, I am afraid of birds, so I respect all people's fears equally. Be careful and have fun!