Wednesday, July 05, 2006

To sum up a week's worth of happenings...

Am sorry about the no-blogging in a week thing. There have been "things" happening. For instance:

1. The iMac is back! Complements of CompUSA, our iMac now functions, and we only lost about a month on it! Sigh

2. We have added another cat to the mix. His name is Jack, and the only one who seems even mildly perturbed about his presence is Sophia. God bless the inventor of the Feliway atomizer! Bless him!

3. Have had the worst migraine, going on five days now. Actually, today being the day I called the neurologist's office in tears, I feel a little better. Though a friend once told me about a migraine she had where she didn't notice the pain, and it went into her throwing up and passing out at a soccer game in college. This will probably happen to me.

My neuro is a good doctor, but like a lot of my docs, he has the personality of a wet dishrag. He sounded mildly concerned about my head, and I can go get a new Rx for something different tomorrow. The receptionist put me on the cancellation list, which I feel mildly guilty about. I mean, it's a neuro's office, doesn't he deal mostly with stroke victims? I feel like if I get an appointment sooner than my existing August 8th spot, it's because someone died. And that's just not in my protocol, to benefit from random strangers' deaths, even if I have made them up, ya know? And even if my headaches have gotten worse, and started to bridge a spectrum of fun! new! symptoms! Because the searing-hot pain in my eye-al area wasn't enough, no no. And the occasional nausea and sensitivity to light and scent was getting a little lonely. Flashing lights, facial and hand numbness- all new, and so fun, I swear!

4. Oh, and the old car needed a new battery and alternator. Lesson learned- Lauren, do not try to recount the last time you called AAA. It will happen again, and it's so worth your money. Shut up and pay it!

The fourth was fun. I mean, as fun as the summer holidays get. I don't really care about fireworks, but Lionel Richie was playing at the Welcome America festival jammy this year. Would have liked to see him singing in fake Swahili, that could have rocked. I got a killer migraine, complete with almost-barfing at the BBQ we were at. And we went home before the fireworks, since Kev had to work at 3 this morning. Poor guy, I hope he gets normal hours soon.

I feel like I've been on the downswing since my speeding ticket. And while driving to our friend John's house yesterday, Kevin revealed to me a fine little nugget of info. When driving on 95, I mused aloud as to what the speed limit is. "Well, we're in PA, it's always 55, unless you're on the Turnpike." I shit you not, people, I almost killed him. Honestly, he couldn't have shared this two weeks ago?!


dear wife said...

So sorry about the migrane. Definate sympathy from a fellow suffer. I have had those fun week long ones, usually they seem to coinside with a certain time of the month. My MIL got us the great thing from the Red Cross that I can fill with water and place on my head. Feels good and unlike a washcloth this thing never gets warm, and it does not drip into my eyes. No migranes has been one of the few benefits so far for this whole pregnancy gig. I am sure they will rage while I have a colicy baby.

Art Nerd Lauren said...

Thanks for the word of encouragement, dear wife! In addition to the lack of monetary stability, I am totally afraid of my head imploding during pregnancy. I'm scared of having a kid because of this! And especially because I take preventative meds, and will have to be weaned off them. Oh my!

PhoenixHearse said...

I hate cats.

Just kidding! Hope he fits in with the others!

ANDREW M. said...

another one? are you flippin' nuts?

that's awesome.

Fraulein N said...

Sorry to hear about your migraine. Is it at all possible for you to find a doctor with a better bedside manner? I've had to do that a few times.

Teacher lady said...

Husbands. Yes, that WOULD have been valuable info two weeks ago. As I say often to Mr. J., "You're lucky you're cute."