Friday, July 21, 2006

A pox on my house!

I. Have. Shingles.

What? Am I eighty and in a nursing home?

Why in the world do I have the shingles.

What's fun- going to Target to get an Rx for Valtrex. Valtrex "I have genital herpes" Valtrex.

What's neurotic, of me, to do- Loudly ask the pharmacist if taking oatmeal baths is okay, you know, when you have SHINGLES and not the herp on the gennies.

What sucks- wearing long sleeves in July. For at least a week.



Teacher lady said...

Oh my gob. Oh my gob, oh my gob, oh my GOB! You poor, poor thing. What did the doctor say? Suppressed immune system? (Were you feeling worn out from your trip?) You have my utmost sympathy.

ANDREW M. said...


get better soon. wow. damn. sorry to hear that.

if you need anything (soup, a book to read, bondage porno, etc.) gimme a holler and i'll come a-runnin'.

love, schmandy

liberalbanana said...

Shingles?? How does that happen?!? What does it mean? I'm not up to date on my Illnesses of the Elderly...

Love the "herp on the gennies" line!

heatheradair said...

been there! i had a massive coldsore outbreak after a bad sunburn, and when I went to pick up a prescription that was "supposed" to help, the pharmacist says, "SO, is this for shingles or for herpes?"

I think I got all indignant (for the sake of the other people in line-??) and said, "For fever blisters. On my LIPS. From a SUNBURN."

I love moments like those!