Thursday, July 20, 2006

Your semi-regular dose of art

Clicky a-here.

If anyone has any extra money or frequent flyer miles they want to give me, the artist on whom I wrote my thesis is having a show. In Mexico City. And one in New York in the fall, but that's beside the point. I wanna goooooo to Mejico cit-ay!

And? My advisor, the second, the one I actually, ya know, like, called on Sli Li related business. And you know what she said? Do ya? Well, she told me about the part she liked best about my thesis. BEST! As in, there's more than one part she liked, but the one that beat out all the others, relatively speaking, was this one part.

She called it sensitive, y'all. And wonderful. WONDERFUL! Yessssh!

And? This means that she has re-read my thesis in its finished state. Actually, I won't consider it totally finished until I design the cover of it and have it bound at the library. And post pho-toes on my blog, of course. But anyway, she said she was reading up on the literature, and you know what that means?

I THINK IT MEANS THAT SHE CONSIDERS ME PART OF THE LITERATURE. OMG, you guys, I'm flyyyyying right now. Feeling like a real art nerd, baby.

When my first book comes out, I'll be completely intolerable, I can see it now...


dear wife said...

I am sure that is an amazing feeling, congrats. Is that painting by the artist you did your thesis on? I love it I will definately have to look more into their work.

Greg said...

Hey, yeah, congrats!! I would be flying, too.

[Nice blog.]

Teacher lady said...

You are SO entitled to be flying high - hell, you're entitled to be as obnoxious as you damn well please!

liberalbanana said...

Congratulations, you Real Art Nerd, you!!!

(That picture is so creeping me out.)