Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm falling apart!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am falling to pieces. Literally. Well, kind of.

Besides the whole eyebrow incident, I have a rash on my forearm that won't go away. It's weird, because initially I thought it was a group of mosquito bites. Now, I 'm not sure. My boss had me convinced that I had chickenpox, and that I'd then get shingles, and then, well, just dye my hair blue and call it a day. And naturally it showed up late Monday night, because Monday at 12:20, I was at the dermatologist's office, getting a checkup and my eyebrow fixed.

Falling apart.

And my hair is a giant mess- I haven't gotten it done since the last time I complained. But I want to go to Kev's cousin's wife, but I'm afraid to call her. I don't think she'll know who I am. And it's worse, because I keep putting it off and my sister is looking to get her hair cut with me. So you'd think that would be the impetus to just frickin call already.

Am I alone in my fear of cold calling people? I am also sitting on calling the doctor, even though today my rashie rash is so grody that I've worn a longsleeved tunic. In July. It's going up to 89ish today.

I just got over my fear of returning things. I have given away countless pairs of pants because they didn't fit right- ahem, Old Navy outlet, ahem, not the bargain you think it is when the pieces are all wonky. Anyway, talk to me, are you also afraid to call, for say, a pizza, an appointment, anything like that?


Fraulein N said...

Oh God, I hate cold calling. I hate talking to people I don't know on the phone. Somehow it's worse when I've initiated the contact. I try to make the mister place our food orders. I use the excuse that my order is easier to remember, but I think he's catching on.

dear wife said...

Yep I am same the way. I am also not good and cold emailing people either. I have some really important ones I need to send and I just cannot seem to get myself to do it. I am so glad I am not alone on this.

Vicki said...

Oh man I hate the phone. I explain it to my friends that as a rule, I don't use the phone, and should they find themselves on the phone with me, they know I'm making an exception to that rule. They never understand, but at least they know to call me ;-).

Good luck with skin stuff - that sounds very unpleasant!