Monday, January 02, 2006

This blog.... sucks

Extra points to anyone who can guess my reference. A hint: my parents' orange cat is named after the female lead in this movie.

But it does suck, this blog, and I vow to update more frequently and, most importantly, more interestingly in the content area.

2006 is going to be a big year. Kev and I have been getting serious about budgeting (says she who is typing on a brand new computer whilst copying photos from the computer that she JUST PAID OFF) and our debt will be substantially paid down by September, me thinks.

That is good, because by the end of the year, we want to be on the road to house hunting. My God. Because while it's nice to live with my parents in a completely private apartment, with little rent, it doesn't help with the street cred.

Also, we'll be buying a new car. Someday I might recount the Santa Fe fiasco for you, but not today, for this entry is about reversing the suckage.

Kev's brother is getting married this year. As is his friend Jim. Jim and his lady are, I believe, moving to a house around the corner from the house I grew up in. Which is two blocks away from the house we are in now. That is exciting, because all our friends have moved far away from the Northeast. Not incredibly far away, but enough that we often feel excluded from the so. phil club, and they NEVER WANT TO HANG OUT UP HERE. So it's nice that some are staying, because we probably are too.

This is the year that I'll graduate with my MA, finally. Also, my coursework will be finished in May. So it's time for me to get my CV together and get me some courses to teach. And study for the prelims.

My GOD the prelims. They're not until next Spring, but I will be fretting them starting in June. It's like the bar for art nerds. And there's an oral component, Jesus Christ! Nothing scarier or more stutter-inducing to me than this prospect!

This blog did suck, but it will be better, I promise. I will write more about things other than school and art. I will regale my 2 readers with tales of yore, my stoner days, when I took the SATS high and got a nearly perfect verbal score, when I met my husband, when we were in Italy and my sister threw up in the Boboli gardens.

All these things come to those who read this here blog. But right now, I have more pictures to move. My Dell is limping along on the task. Poor old girl.


ANDREW M. said...

since i can only assume that i'm one of the offenders you speak of (i am,) i should probably pipe down and put the soapbox away, but...

don't feel bad about being secluded in the northeast. i've gone to visit john and jim more in the past 2 months than anyone has visited me in the past 4 1/2 years. not complaining really, but i know what you mean. also not taking at shot at you and hubby either as everytime you stopped by it was either to give my sorry ass a hand with something and/or just a super-special visit in general. always welcome, no hard feelings.

i chose to live where i did/do, and i can accept the aloneness that comes with that, but i often feel the times they have come to see me have been ones of convienence and/or neccessity for those two chowderheads (who i love!) by this i mean john would call me to hang some afternoon (when i worked nights) cause he was taking a day off and didn't want his pop to know or something like that. i'm sure you felt similar things when they practically lives at yr. pad when they still lived at home. nothing mean spirited about it, and i'm sure they have their own "theories" on my visiting habits too, though i can't help but feel a little ignored at times (i'm sure you guys do too.)

i used to come up to the northeast all the time when everyone still lived there (usually to go to bars though - like the AWFUL boot 1 cafe. gawd, i HATE that place!) i got sick of it cause the late nite bus rides and things like that were hell on me and sometimes, i just wanted to kick back with a beer and be the one waiting for the doorbell to ring for a change AND to be able to sleep in my own bed and not have to travel when the night's done. shit, it's not like i'm that great at coming to see you guys either so i guess i'll shut up... now.

happy new year.

Art Nerd Lauren said...

I wasn't talking about you, anyway. It's more of a general whining. But I'm cutting that out for the new year, hooray! Happy new year to you, too, Andrew

JPoops said...

so i married an axe murderer.

i like reading your stuff i just don't always comment (it's pretty hard just making enuff time to read all this at work as it is the only comp i have access to)

i feel i was one of the only people who wanted and tried to see others for the longest time and just gave up. i got sick of always being stuck at home so i would proactively call everybody every weekend and try to set shit up. when it didn't work out it seemed the only person with nothing to do was me. lonely feeling. and i was super thankful for all the times you and kvn took me in - you didn't need me around.... andrew yeah specifically move to east bumblefuckshitville and i still was constantly driving everywhere he went to visit his unsavory moods. the times it has stopped for me recently either involved a car that did not move or an amount of OT which can only be described as daunting. but if you can hold out, i'm sure you'll be seeing more than you want of me this summer! love