Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Know how lazy I am?

Sometimes, when I am commenting on someone's blog that has word verification...

I keep hitting enter until I get a letter combination that isn't too hard.

That's bad, I know.

Oh, and there is word verification on my blog, I know that too.


ANDREW M. said...

i was interested in learning just HOW lazy you are but i only made it halfway through the question mark. i win.

Teacher lady said...

Hey Lauren - stumbled on your blog from Amalah's (she's a goddess and my hero and inspired me to start my own blog, but I still haven't figured out exactly what the hell I'm doing and because I post my students' e-mails, I'm also afraid of getting arrested, but I digress) because I wanted to meet someone else who studies porn for a living. And also, perhaps because I wanted to find another person in a Ph.D. program who is not in MY program. I hate those people. Really, they suck.