Sunday, January 08, 2006

Thirty seven minutes, five seconds

That's how long the phone call from Advisor lasted. Jesus! And I had a print out of my paper, and he had his with his (I'm sure) extensive notes. And we read together, page by page. And my paper? is fifty pages long, of text. More like ninety to a hundred with illustrations, bibliography, etc. Anyway.

Yeah, most of the criticism is word switching. I understand the need, but really, are all the changes necessary? It makes you feel like you can't write when someone is poring over every stinking word.

Only two big philosophical changes to make, and I can hand it into Deuce. Yessss! And I graduate in May and I will have a large party, and you all will be invited. Because my God, it has taken long enough to warrant some vicarious debauchery and maybe even some presents.

You can't see me right now, but I'm wiggling my eyebrows mischievously.


Mikey said...

What's with the fine tooth comb on the writing? At this point, it's not like you haven't already passed English 1A.

Mikey said...

oh yeah, I like the new blog look. Very green.

JPoops said...

congrats l-boogey!!

what kind of present is warranted for such an occasion?? usually i would ask my friend's wife about this kind of stuff but that's you....