Wednesday, January 04, 2006

In order to approach not-sucking-ness...

I give you another entry. I know, I know, I just wrote yesterday. That's right, people, new leaf, is turned over!

Today Kev and I went out for a day on the town. This consisted of returning things, again, to Sam Ash. I hate that store, even more so now because they took advantage of me not knowing much about guitar gear and selling me some "necessary accessories" for the tuner that I bought for Kev. THAT HE BIG. FAT. DID. NOT. NEED!! Usually I just hate it for the suckitude that is standing there trying not to look scared while Kev deliberates over strings, listening to five 13 year old boys with no intention of buying anything fumble over the progression of "Come As You Are". So... iritating. One reason I quit my bass lessons, other than the searing-hot pain in my wrist, is the annoyance I got with the sounds of my own practicing. But one of the first songs I learned? was "Come As You Are".

We also mailed Kev's brother his birthday present. It will get to him, someday, and hopefully he'll like his Johnny Cash in-action figure and his Daily Bugle Press tshirt.

Then we dined at a fantastic little bistro, aka Subway. Now, I know my friend Andrew would probably disapprove of the whole chain-fast-food shitshack aspect of it, but I was hurting for a Veggie hoagie on Italian bread with lettuce, tomato, pickles, cucumbers, xtra carrots and sweet peppers with oil and vinegar. And American cheese, though next time I may try provolone. Gah, the sammy, it was so so good. And Kev got some 12 inch monstrosity with toasted cheesy italian herb rolly and italian meats, which I had to sample. Good stuff as well.

I also guzzled a big Coke, which lead to some problems when Kev and I split up to do boy and girl shopping, respectively. I went to Ross, Kev hit the comic store. A funny aside, we called Kev's friend Jerry to see where this store was, but as Jer was explaining where, we looked out Subway's window to see the sign, prominently displayed RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET!

Anyway, so I'm shopping in Ross, have a cool new big-girl school bag (to replace the one-shoulder backpack that I've been using for a little while now) and a book on Spanish architect Gaudi. tried to make the accent mark, but it didn't work, sorry senor! The the whole big ass cup hits my kidneys full force. Had to ask to use the rest room, what am I, 6? But the timing was good, and as I exited the single most tidy and clean public restroom, like, ever, I saw Kev milling around.

It wouldn't have been a shopping trip without an impulse buy by one of us, so Kev has a new nap blankey, a really soft material almost like terry cloth, but not so much that it makes my blood run cold to touch it. And it's got Spiderman on it. I know, you're jealous. My new nap blankey is just a cute red plaid print, but it's like a mini down-esque comforter, yay!

I resisted the urge to buy a very cute (and very coordinating with my new rapper-coat and green hat, gloves and scarf) green purse, because while it was deeply discounted, it was still 50 dollars. I'd like to move out of my parents' basement someday, so something's gotta give, right?

All in all, we had a lovely day. And all with Kev at the helm of his giant boat of a car, the 1979 *the same year I was born!!* Impala. It's so cool and way badass. I should write an entry about it. Or at least post a picture. But enough for now, I think my typing is keeping Kev awake...


Mikey said...

I can't stand Sam Ass, or Shithard Center. Always hearing 'come as you are.' or 'iron man' being attempted by some kid. Also, can't stand the mtv wannabe rock-stars who work in these places. Like, I'm in a band, so obviously, I got to work in a music store. Please!
Unfortunately, these places do have some good deals, and that forces us to go there, or pay more and go someplace else. But a good deal, is a good deal.

ANDREW M. said...

believe it or not, subway is the only fast food chow i'll do. not that i even like it THAT much, but about once a month i get a monster craving for it that can't be denied (usually something turkey related.) i like all the different sauces they got there too. they need a hot one though, as their chipotle thingy they got is mucho tame. it's no WAWA, but subway gets two thunbs up my butt in my book. they got jalapenos there too, which is sumpin' you can't get at no WAWA.