Friday, January 06, 2006

Breaking News

This just in to laurentheartnerd: Advisor has finally read my thesis. Will call me today to discuss some minor changes to be made before handing it over to Second Advisor.

I presume that this means he's done with it. YAY! And then I'll punch it up a little more, send it to Second Advisor, and hound her for it. I'm taking a class with her this semester, it's not like she'll forget me or anything. Though I fear she doesn't like me too much. Gah, that sucks. She's pretty well connected. I should send her something. Something alcoholic. Maybe a whole basket of cheer. She's a wild woman. She looks like a Sisters of St. Francis nun. But she drinks like a priest.

Seriously, no one thought ACOUSTIKITTY was funny but me? It's a cat. With a microphone in it. And they thought it would work! Cats as spies, honestly!

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Rose Stephenson said...

So, what happened to your thesis? I think having a second advisor can really help make thesis writing easier. Just imagine having two advisors when you’re writing phd dissertation. It would certainly have an edge to other student.