Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bed's too big without you...

In honor of Miss Doxie's incoherent though hysterical entry about sleep and the lack thereof, I thought I might recount for my legions of readers the very strange things I do in my sleep. And I shall pepper this entry with embarrassing things about my loved ones. Because it'll make me feel better that you all know I am not alone in the craziness.

I talk in my sleep. A lot. Mostly, I either agree or disagree with myself right before I fall completely asleep. My sister brought this to my attention, and Kev confirms it. I seem to just mumble when I talk in my sleep. This is not so with Kev. He has full-fledged conversations when he's asleep. I heard him once, from the living room, telling Rob to turn his amp down, and all of them to get their shit together. Yeah, he was dreaming about practice.

It gets interesting, having another talker in bed with you. We never know who started the conversation, but a lot of times we wake up already talking to each other.

I also cry in my sleep. This happens a lot, too. Especially when I am all stressed out. It's usually in response to the people in my dreams being mean to me. Either that, or a loved one dies in my dream. Waking up sobbing is a strange thing, to be honest. Because I usually have no idea why I'm crying. It's just happening and there I am. Weird.

My sister, on the other hand, walks in her sleep. I've never done this. She also eats in her sleep. Once, when she came home from college, she sleep-walked to the kitchen and took damn near everything out of the fridge. She put broccoli in the microwave and left milk and many other things out on the counter. My mom insisted she was either drunk or high. Our mom only ever accused us of being high when we weren't.

Sooooo, anyone want to share a hotel room with me?? Anyone?


Mikey said...

The sleep thing is really strange. I used to sleepwalk as a kid. Then it was teeth-grinding, and also talking in my sleep. I don't do that too much anymore, but once in a while, and if it is in the morning or something, my wife will start conversing wiht me and my jibberish, 'til my dream gets ruined and I come to, then I catch her there, looking at me all weird and laughing, "what honey, what was that you said." She laughing cuz it made no sense, me mad cuz it made sense til she interrupted. Yeah, I often wondered where we go when we are asleep, cuz we're not here, but we're not dead either. Strange.
Now though, I usually am so exhausted that I just snore like a monster, and I throw my head back,so as to open up my airway, and allow for more snorin'
mY wife loves this, and usually responds with a punch to the back of the head.
happy sleepin'
Im heading htere now.

ANDREW M. said...

did jim ever tell you the stories about how he used to piss and shit in his sleep, WHILE sleepwalking? yeah, it happened last week. well... more like 20 years ago. anyway, he crapped in a drawer once and his mom found it several days later. yeesh! he also used to wake up in places other than his bed, and this usually involved him peeing in his toy chest and then closing the lid and napping beside it. he tells it so much better and his description of his mom's reactions are priceless. you know at times, mrs. m is a dead ringer in both looks and personality to the mom from calvin and hobbes...