Thursday, January 05, 2006


For the love of God, please click on this link.

If you want to, listen to the show first. Skip ahead to minute 28. TRUST ME, it's friggin hilarious.

Evidently our government, in its supreme wisdom and foresight, saw fit to try and train cats to be spies. Am I alone in thinking this is fucking hilarious?! I mean, really, did no one on the committee have a cat? You can't train felines to do much more than crap in a box. How could they be CIA operatives?

I sat there as I listened to the report, and tried to imagine Sam or Sophia with a microphone embedded in their backs. Cat spies, come on! My cats have the attention span of a crouton, and they are about as sharp. They lick their asses, people! With their TONGUES.

I don't think that bitch on Alias does that. Or maybe she does. All I know about her is that she seemingly has the gestational period of an elephant.

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