Monday, August 28, 2006

Professor Nerd if you're nasty!

Professor Nerd, to you

First day o'school

Okay, so here you go, a photo of me on my ver first day. Do I look official? And, Heatheradair can you tell that a boy took the special shot of my shoes for you? Dorkus, you can't even see the fun cork wedges. And my feet are, in real life, really small for my height- why do they look ginormous here?

Anyway, I may have forgotten to share, but I came up with an idea for the last page of my syllabus. I asked the students to fill out some standard questions, and then had them sign a sort of contract. It states that they've reviewed the syllabus and are aware of their responsibilities, policies pertaining to them, etc. Steal my idea if you want, I don't mind!

One of the questions asked them their class status. Uh, there are 9 students in my first section, and most of them are sophomores (1 transfer, one freshman).


There were a few sophomores in the second section, and some of them spelled it right. But in a class of 9, there's nowhere to hide.

And we're off!! Let the academic silliness begin!


heatheradair said...


good look, good look! acceptably professional, defintely classy (GREAT color top!) nice n' youthful - good pick. LOVE shoes with cork, so those are flippin fantastic.

congrats, though, on the first day.

did ya get even a little nervous?

ANDREW M. said...


i'm gonna call you "teach" from now on.

mjd said...

You look definitely quintessential and not at all nerdy. You will wow your students as well as educating them.

Teacher lady said...

Ya look great. Can't spell sophomore? Welcome to my world, girlfriend! Buckle up - it's going to be a bumpy ride!