Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I should be writing lectures, but...

Instead, like a girl, I will worry instead about what to wear.

Specifically, to my female readers, what are some glaring omission in my working wardrobe? In terms of bottoms, I have

2 pair plain black pants
1 pair black striped pants
1 pair Khaki pants
1 pair tan pants with sage stripe
2 black skirts
1 denim pencil skirt
a few printed skirts, bold prints so I would only wear those once or twice a semester
1 pair denim pants - no back pocket, they're for wearing ONLY with long long shirts. Very bootylicious, these ones.

I have lots and lots of tops, sweaters, etc but am feeling a little sparse in the bottoms. Is two pair of black pants enough? I'm only lecturing 2 days a week, but I don't want to be stale, ya know?

Also, thoughts on capris? I start at the end of August, and though it could be cold in the classroom (I am in the library, after all) I am preparing myself to be hot. You know, what with the pacing and gesticulating wildly at the screen. I'm one of those very hyper, kinetic lecturers.

Anyway, just wondering what y'all thought a cute young art history professor might need in terms of wardrobe. I have a slightly hippy-ish skirt, but I'll be needing some scarves and brooches, and maybe a beaded string for my glasses. Oh, and glasses.

What say you, readers?


Teacher lady said...

I thought I was the only one who worried about this stuff. Honestly? If you're only lecturing two days a week, it does sound like you have enough bottoms. And (in my experience) students will notice one or two things about your wardrobe and probably not the things you want them to notice. Almost two years ago, I decided that if I were taller, students would have more respect for me. (Yeah, right.) So I went out and bought all crazy high-heeled stilettos, sandals, boots, you name it. I also worked at Ann Taylor and bought a boat-load of their clothes, so I thought I was all set. One day this spring, I had a guest speaker and I was in a hurry, so I grabbed my flat little driving mocassins (sp?) and when I walked into class? Almost all 50 students said, "What? No heels? How are we supposed to know when you're coming down the hall? Why are you wearing flats?" Gorgeous angora sweaters from Ann Taylor, silk blouses, long suede skirts, cool, hip embellished tees, and they notice . . . the noise made by my shoes.

Thomas said...

I wish I could help but my entire wardrobe consists of jeans and t-shirts.