Thursday, August 03, 2006

Can I Help You?

A few weeks ago, a girl came up to me in the hallway at work. She asked me if I knew where "the art show" was. Well, dear, this is an art school, perhaps more specifics?

her- I am looking for an art show, and the girl named Cassie
me- well, which building is it in?
her- I don't know
me- ...?
her- I'm looking for Cassie and her art show and she's taking a summer class and-
me- Um, there's something happening upstairs in the gallery, is that it?
her- I don't know
me- (pause) Um, well, I would go look around up there, that's the only art show opening I've seen all day.
her- heaves heavy sigh.
me- um, you're welcome, bye?
she- flounces off

Since when are people rude to others who are TRYING to help them with what LITTLE information they give? If you don't know where you're going, I certainly can't help you.

It happened again yesterday on my campus. A girl asked me where room 8-something-something is. Um? The doors definitely go in order, der. I asked which department she's looking for- econ or Art History. She doesn't know. I tried to point her in the right direction, but she walked the opposite way. Saw her again a minute or two later, and I say

me- I think it's over in that direction, the numbers are leading this way..
her- yeah, I just came from there.
me- This is a really complicated building, with the annex and the half floors and whatnot.
her- Yeah, seems to me

Like, implying that I'm an idiot!

What is this world coming to, where those who start off on a journey without knowing its destination get huffy with me for going by the information that they were able to provide me with!!! THE HELL!!


Isabel said...

Right, as if it's YOUR fault that they don't know where they are going.

samantha Jo Campen said...

People are nuts. I worked at a bookstore and I had people ask me, no joke, "I'm looking for a book. The cover is red and the word 'The' is in the title. Do you have it?"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I'm not wearing my mind-reading hat today, sorry. Then I'd always be tempted to ask them if they even knew how to read anyway.

But you were dealing with smaller people, so the need to be polite increases exponentially. Good luck. I couldn't do it.

liberalbanana said...

This sounds like the crap Teacher Lady has to deal with on a regular basis. I don't think people realize how rude they are these days. I admit there have been a time or two when I've worked myself into a stressed frenzy and been the one on the "rude" end of the conversation... I'm ashamed!

Papa Bradstein said...

One of my favorite questions was at a David Bowie stadium concert, when we were surrounded by, like, 60,000 people. A woman who was squirming her way through the masses stopped at our group and asked if we'd seen her friend, who was "about this tall, blonde hair, blue eyes." Yeah, we saw her, and 10,000 of her twins. Where are they? Over there. And over there. And there.

Teacher lady said...

Oh dear. I'm afraid the illness from which I'm suffering - dumbass magnet - is contagious and you've caught it. The other day at an event, someone asked me for detailed directions and then walked away mumbling something. I thought he said, "thank you" so I said, "You're welcome!" and I guess he didn't say thanks, but he was appropriately embarrassed and DID then say "thank you." Shame them into being polite, I think!