Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Morning Drive

Today I had a pretty uneventful ride to work. Well, I was late as hell, but that's really nothing new. But I'm trying to be more observant about my world, so let's explore the ride from my home to the Digital Resources Center. (oh, yeah, the sli li changed names. score!)

Up there is a picture of my new car. I love her, but she is not named yet. She may be Salma, named after the actress I'd go lesbian for, and because my 6 is sooo sexy. I think she has an accent.


So I was listening to the radio (iPod is for the ride home, I listen to preston and steve in the morning). They were talking about... I dunno, something.

Passed my good friend Andrew before the boulevard, he must have been walking home from work. He works over nights, because his wife is expecting their first baby. This way, he'll be able to have the baby during the day, and the wee one won't have to go to daycare. He's dedicated, that guy, and I love him!

Anyway, Andrew might want to know why I didn't say "Hi!" to him. It's not because I didn't try. I've made a discovery recently- I can't whistle under pressure. And I don't know why my first impulse is to whistle, but it is, and when I'm trying to get someone's attention from the car, I end up blowing raspberries at them, and it doesn't generally grab one's attention in the same way. Less, Hey, Lauren! More What the hell is wrong with that slobbering chick? Should she be driving?

Passed the lawn where, on the ride home yesterday, I say what appeared to be some sort of Wonder Woman parenting. I swear to gob, the mother lassoed her kid. Either that or he was on a leash, but the lasso seems less DYFS-y. Then on the same block I saw the tallest sunflowers ever. They were gorgeous, especially so close to a really crappy/scary neighborhood.

Then, in Dunkin Donuts, where I got an iced coffee and a bagel for lunch, I TOTALLY got busted looking in a one-way window (which, hello, those things never work!) by the manager. Ooops!

Now I'm sitting at my desk, there is absolutely no one here, and I'm bored. I have about a day's work to do this week, so expect many comments on all your blogs. I also challenge any lurkers to come out, because I am totally blasting through archives like crazy. Without my boss here, I don't even have to do a half-assed job of covering my internet abuse.

Let the slacking begin!


Teacher lady said...

Oh my gob - I wish I could see you spitting raspberries at people. That mental image is just hilarious. Way to be observant, girl! Maybe I will try to do the same. (But probably not.)

PhoenixHearse said...

I never pay attention during the drive to work. Luckily, The Husband and I work together, so I sleep.

One morning we had a guy behind us in the carpool lane honk and "gesture" at us because he didn't see me (since I was laying down) and thought we were in the lane illegally. EFF YOU!

Fraulein N said...

I'm not good at doing things on command, either. It's like my body can't catch up with my brain sometimes.

Yay for slacking, though. What I do when I get some free time like that is work my way through people's blogrolls. You find a lot of good reads that way.

heatheradair said...

d'oh - yesterday breadsticks, today bagels. yer makin me hungry :)

and nice car ya got there!...i just bought my very first BRAND new car (3 miles on the odo when I drove it off the lot!) this year, and it makes the drive to work MUCH more fun...

ANDREW M. said...
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ANDREW M. said...

i can only imagine how miserable i looked - dragging my weary self from the bus to my bed.

next time do the rasberry thing - i think that would be pretty cool. i'll even make it a habit to get off the bus at rhawn street (i usually hop off at holme avenue but the bust was stinky and i had to bail) just in case you decide to do it.

love you too.

mjd said...

Funny post... The images of Wonder Woman parenting and the slobbering chick are hilarious.

I like your "Ramblings of the Morning Drive." I can truly visualize each ramble.

Frema said...

Hooray for corporate slacking! I have my own office, so there's some level of protection there, but I only close my door occasionally so people don't wonder the "mega-important work" I'm doing that requires eight hours of privacy.

Also, nice car! Also also, thanks for visiting my blog! I notice you comment on Amalah. I comment there, too, so maybe you found me that way?

Happy blogging!