Wednesday, August 23, 2006

No, not dead! Just lazy!

Man, I wish I could say that I was busy writing lectures and syllabi, etc etc, and that's why I haven't written. The truth, though? Block. I hate it, but there it is. I haven't felt much like writing the last week or so.

But! Let's remedy this right now. I'll tell a story. A story about a rental car, and a dream crushed.

I am covered for most of the cost of a rental car for the time that my own baby is in the shop. The guy from Enterprise picked me up from the shop on Monday in the CRAPPIEST car ever. It was dirty, polleny and completely covered in bird shit. And it was beyond micro- a Kia Spectra. Shudder.

When we got back to the place, and I was signing my life over, the kid asked if I wanted an upgrade- to a Jeep Liberty. uh, yeah! So yay, for the same price I got this gigantic tank of a car, and it's super souped up. I left the moonroof thingy on vent today so it's not too hot. Leather seats get pretty hot sitting in the parking lot.

Anyway, while I was waiting, the guy and I were chit chatting. He asked if I have to go back to work. Yes, I do, I'm out at XXX school of art. Oh, he says, part of blank University, right? Yes. Then, get this, he says:


sniff. sniff sniff sniffle.

I have been psyching myself up all summer, thinking that the students won't know I'm the professor when I walk in. And this jerkweed guesses right away?

booo hooo!!

*stomps foot, pouts*

All was righted when the Slide Librarian mistook me for a student (an undergrad at that!) at the school where I'll be teaching.

Starting Monday.

Be prepared for freakouts, and some amusing Teacher Lady -esque stories.

You've been warned.


Teacher lady said...

Ooh, I can't wait! I'll bet your students think you're one of them, until you put the smack-down on 'em. Can't wait to read all about it!

ANDREW M. said...

could be worse. people mistake my dear sweet wife for a student - and she teaches high school.

good luck though - i'm real excited for you.

mjd said...

Oh no, you have been recognized as a teacher. It must be that mark that we have on our foreheads.

Vicki said...

When I taught high school I was always mistaken for a student and never knew if it was a good thing or not.

I can't wait to hear how teaching goes - I bet you are an awesome professor!

liberalbanana said...

How exciting! Another "Teacher Lady" - I can't wait to hear the stories!!!

heatheradair said...

very envious of your whole gig! art history student myself (although leagues behind ya - I'm still SLOWLY pluggin away on a BA) - with an intention to teach someday.

Tough isn't it...when we're young, we wanna be mistaken for older, when we're older, we're miffed when we're taken for our age...

Happy Back to School!