Friday, August 04, 2006

Happy Mood

In honor of my very determined happiness, I give you a smallish list of things that rock my world, right now

1. Am loving using my iPod in the car. My aunts bought it for me for my graduation, and it sat in the box for a month. I came to realize that there aren't too many situations in which I can or will wear earphones. Added the iTrip, and oh my baby Jesus, what a difference. Now I can listen to the most awesome radio station in the world- my own! What other station would play, in this order-
Billy Jean- michael jackson
I'm Lonely, But I Ain't That Lonely Yet- the white stripes
If It Feels Good, Do It- sloan
Pour Some Sugar on Me- def leppard (in which I hear the phrase "sweet to taste, saccharine" as "sack of beans", Miss Teacher Lady
And the list keeps going! On the way home from work I heard the Police, Se7en Heads (my husb's band), the Allman Brothers and the Apples in Stereo. Fun!

2. the words diptych, triptych and polyptych (I'm working on a Renaissance project, and it comes up a lot)

3. My nephew, who has just in the past few days taken to singing his name whenever he's not saying something else. Liiiiiam, Liiiiiam.

4. My new haircut and highlights, which I got done by Kev's cousin's wife (My cousin-in-law?). NOT ONLY is it super cute, it only cost 30 bucks for both!! Loves her!

5. Pizza Hut just opened up a block and a half away. Not that I'm a huge fan of their frozen pizzas, but hello, BREADSTICKS! I hear the same shopping center place might be home to a Coldstone Creamery. If so, look out, I'll be morbidly obese by the end of the year. mmmm.... ice cream....

And there you have it. Please, link away if you have suggestions for music, food, words or general entertainment for me. I live for change these days.


Thomas said...

So the answer to my question about whether to be an iPod or not should be yes?

Teacher lady said...

Ooh, I LOVE "sack of beans." That might be the best misheard lyric yet! Lauren, have you read Generation Me yet? If you're going to continue teaching, you should really read it. Technically, I'm a part of Generation Me (as are you), but I think we're different - and special. Which is, perhaps, one of the biggest signs that I AM Generation Me. It's a quick, non-fiction read.

Teacher lady said...

Oh - and I bought a song off iTunes (which I never do) by Rilo Kiley (whom I'd never heard of before watching "Weeds") called Arms Outstretched and I love it.

heatheradair said...

Hi! I just cruised through some of your wedding pictures, too - your bouquet was terrific!

So - I need to figure out a way to get my iPod workin in my car - is iTrip pretty good??? takin suggestions :)

mmmm, breadsticks and ice cream...roll me away...

(cruisin through some of your archives right now...highly amused!)