Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hot holy hell!

Everyone, please pay careful attention to the words that I'm about to type. Are you ready? Because this! is! bignews!!

I, Lauren the art nerd, am going to graduate. In May. Of this year. With a Master's degree.

Advisor v.2.0 gave me back my thesis this afternoon, and proclaimed that she was signing off on it.

blink blink, whaaa? um, okay!! YAYY so what do I do now? The grad office sits there witha ruler and checks that your margins are correct. And they check that your footnotes are in the proper format. And other copious nitpicky bullshit details. Then, I take the finished approved certifiable copy to OfficeMax, make five copies of it, and I! AM! Lauren, MA!!! Woo ha!

And?! This is the part where I beseech all my three readers for some advice. I need your help in making this decision, because my god, the potential ramifications. Advisor v.2.0, remember, is friends with the subject of my thesis.


So should I? I dunno. I'ma scurred. On the one hand, yes! On the other, what if she thinks I'm an idiot and I suck and I ruin my reputation before it's even formed?

So help me, faithful readers. You're my only hope!


Vicki said...

Hey Lauren,

I came over from Amalah a while ago and have been enjoying your blog for a while (sorry to lurk). I'm also an art history grad student, though I'm just beginning my degree and am pursuing an MFA in painting simultaneously.

Congratulations on your thesis - that's so fantastic!

As for showing it to Lisa, absolutely GO FOR IT! Artists are generally very interested in critical response to their work, and if she really enjoys what you have to say, she may ask you to write her catalog essays, wall texts, etc in the future. Plus, it could give you the opportunity to hear directly from Lisa herself whether your interpretations are accurate, and if not, how she sees things differently - it's not often that you get the chance to get into an actual dialogue with your subject!

Best of luck and congrats again!

- Vicki

JPoops said...

if anything lisa should be happy someone picked her as the subject of their thesis, and she'll prolly find some sage wisdom in your words.

ANDREW M. said...

i need another day to come up with a worthwhile answer to this problem. no i don't...

do it.

either the artist'll love it and you'll get some well deserved props from yr hero, which rocks. or, they won't, which doesn't matter anyway cause you still get to graduate and your appreciation for the work of said artist won't be diminished. YOU know you have a good grasp on what this work means so don't be a-feared of possibly saying the wrong thing or being off base. you nailed it, we know it, so send it.

much love and respect from this here loser in the grad thang. ya done it my love, cheers!

Teacher lady said...

I am SO happy for you. Woo-hoo! Hail, send her the thesis. What's the WORST that could happen? Really? If the answer is, "I'd lose all feeling in my limbs for the rest of my life," than I'd say no. But other than that . . . go for it!