Saturday, March 04, 2006

The baffling manners of artsy people

On Thursday a girl came in to the Slide Library, which is where I put in my 20 hours per week as graduate assistant. Emphasis on the ass. Anyway, the girl was dressed in a very strange manner, even for an art school. She had on GIANT earrings, totally club-style. A non-descript (cause I don't remember it!) shirt, with a rather business-like skirt. So on her torso she was all art education, her major. Then on her feet and legs, going back to the shoe thing, she had on funky textured tights and the most ridiculously fuzzy boots on. Nanook of Cheltenham, I tell ya. And to top it all off, one of those silly sequin-y bags that look like you carry your wallet and datebook inside a big brown disco ball. She was a walking trend.

She came in at around four o'clock, and was a total newbie. That sucks, since we close at 4:30, but really the last second of solitude after four that I can stand. I cut out early a lot. Oh well. She kept telling me what a great resource this is, like every art school under the sun doesn't have a slide library. Um, okay. She took a long time in there, and I didn't leave till quarter to five.

The first part that made me think she was weird and a little clueless was her talk about her lesson plan that she's going to implement at a racially diverse grammar school in the area. She plans to show the work of Kara Walker, who uses cut paper silhouettes to explore themes of 19th century emancipation and the politics of plantation life. Oh, and SEX. Lotsa sex and poop. Show this to seventh graders, honey, even I can tell you what's going to happen. They probably aren't mature enough to see the value in the images and will just giggle a bunch. There's an image I'm thinking of especially, in which a woman is being penetrated by a swan. I definitely would have lost it in seventh grade!

The second thing that she did that made me think she was weird was that she came into my office and saw our girlscout cookies. Would you come into someone's office, whom you do not know, and ask them for a cookie? I wouldn't, but if I did, I certainly wouldn't eat FIVE of them. How strange is that?! At first, when she asked, I thought my boss knew her, and my boss thouught I knew her. What with the forwardness and all.

Good luck with your lesson, ya big cookie stealing, weird dressing, clueless freak show!
edited to add..

here's a link to a photo of Kara Walker's work. Couldn't find any of the images I'm talking about, of course, but here's one of her more graphic emancipation approximation images. for some reason, I can't link on the mac, sorry!


Teacher lady said...

1.) Seventh graders? College students could not handle art that depicted a woman being penetrated by a swan. Hell, I don't know if I could handle it.

2.) Maybe she was diabetic or had low blood sugar, like she was going to collapse if she didn't eat something? Or maybe she was just really, really weird. As you said.

Art Nerd Lauren said...

Ya know, one or two, I'd think mayyyybe she's diabetic. But the way she housed almost a whole row makes me think, no, she's just a strange cookie stealer!

Teacher lady said...

Yeah, five cookies is over the line. I'm trying to do this "be a better person" thing where I give people the benefit of the doubt. It's not workin' for me.