Saturday, March 25, 2006

Now I REALLY have to graduate in May

I went to the dentist this week, and got information on something that I've wanted for a really! long! time!

I am getting my teeth bleached. Yipee!!

It's something that I've wanted to have done for a very long time. I think that I got served because I used to tease this AWFUL girl who lived next door to us about her very yellow teeth. Other problems with this girl, who my mom MADE me be friends with, to my own popularity's detriment in grade school, were that she would fight with me right before Christmas and my birthday (but still gave me my present, though she often threw it at me) (oh well, free stuff, I don't care how it's delivered!!) and that she was mean and a brat and just generally kind of sucked. Y'all, she was a horse girl. Enough said!!

Now I feel like my teeth are those of a smoker, or someone much older than I am, or someone who drinks a lot more tea than I do. My boss thinks I'm a little nuts. She looked at my teeth yesterday. But those babies had just been polished! And it was I call a good tooth day. It depends on the color I wear and what I've eaten in the day, but sometimes I get really self conscious about my choppers.

The date that they will take my impressions is April 10th. I had a funny moment with the nurse who schedules the appointments. She offered me the week previous, but I had a dermatologist's appointment the same exact time. Weird. And I felt like a flaky extreme makeover candidate. But really, I have what I have diagnosed as excema on my face, and I'm tired of it!

So it's a good thing I don't have a photo up on my profile. You won't recognize me in a month. Many thanks to my parents, who are paying for this. Kev, looking for ideas? I want an ipod nano- 4GB. And Sister? You can get me some clothes for teaching, at a discount from your new store. Or not. Thanks

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Mikey said...

take care of the teeth. I went 12 years with out going to the dentist. Only had one cavity, but my gums were in really bad shape. I had 'advanced gingivitis' which is one step away from total gum disease. They had to do this procedure called a 'root planing' which, I am convinced is some kind of Nazi torture technique left over from WWII. I've had this done twice. Never again! NOw I floss every night before bed, like a good boy. My gums are back to normal now too.