Saturday, March 11, 2006

procratinating with just a quick thought

I'm watching VH1 classic's series, Hangin' with... Rick Ocasek is on. Can I just say, I fucking love the Cars? I know, it's not exactly like being a huge Stones fan, or a Phishhead or Deadhead or whatever. Most people probably think they're kinda lame. Brings to mind a story Kev told me about a conversation with his friend Jim, who he has been friends with since fourth grade. goes like this...

K: (listening to the radio, Just What I Needed is on) I like this song.
J: Yeah, I like some of the Cars' songs
K: Lauren fucking loves the cars. She has their greatest hits, I didn't realize they played so many songs.
J: Yeah, My Best Friend's Girl is good.
K: So's Drive.
J: Okay, fine, I'll admit, I fucking love the Cars too.

Anyway, so yeah, I just watched Rick Ocasek sing Drive acoustic. Makes writing about the Iberians and the Romans much nicer.

Right now, Run DMC and Aerosmith's rendition of Walk This Way (the FAR superior version, in my mind) is on. Hell yes!

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Mikey said...

I like the cars. Definitely the earlier stuff. I like the stuff before 'drive' though. I can remember in the 8o's, everytime I'd turn on mtv it was either 'drive,' or Tom Petty's 'Don' come around here no more,' that 'alice in wonderland' video, leave it to the mtv to burn ya out on stuff. I dig Petty, too. Just good straight-up rock 'n roll.