Monday, April 03, 2006


Aren't I a little old to have acne? I didn't have it badly in highschool, god!!

I went to the dermatologist today, and she diagnosed me with moderate but icky acne. boo!! I mean, I'm twenty seven, and not pregnant, why does my face hate me now? Along with all the other ailments I have going on with me!

The things grad school has done to me! When I started, the only medication I took was the Pill. Now, I take all this, for these reasons:
Zyrtec, for seasonal allergies. yeah, seasonal as in, ALL SEASONS! Indoor, outdoor, I'm allergic to my jerk-off cats, and dust. I am not a good housekeeper, people. So I'm allergic to my home. Nice

A beta-blocker- for prevention of migraines. Fat lot of good it does, too. I eat

Imitrex- for the relief of migraines in progress. like it's candy!

And still the pill, of course

And now, an antibiotic for my face, plus Differin and a funky face wash.

I am a walking pharmacy, people. I think they're getting suspicious of me at CVS. Seriously, if any of these drugs was in any way fun, I'd be in trouble, I think.

I know this entry is long and a bit incoherent. But I popped an antibiotic before realizing that I have to sit up for a half hour before going to bed, because this stuff that supposedly will clear up my skin? It will also burn holes in my esophagus.

I should just wear a Darth Vader helmet instead. That'd be much easier than this shit!!


Mikey said...

my four year old son has a darth vader helmet. It even has a voice thing, so when he talks it sounds like darth vader, kind of. It was cool for a minute, then funny, now its pretty irritating, but I think the batteries are wearing out. Maybe he'll let you borrow it, probably not, hes way into the star wars. They got em at target, one size fits all.

liberalbanana said...

Just be glad you don't have bangs. Wait, or do you? I'm always swiping mine and in the process, touching my face. And just the thought of all the germs from my hands getting on my stupid oily face makes me want to run right home and take a goddamn shower.

I read yesterday that having plants around the house helps to lower stress levels in women. Wait. You're probably allergic to those, too. Thank god for the Zyrtec!

Teacher lady said...

Girl, I think we are living in parallel universes. When I was a teen, I had the "T-zone" zit now and then, and then 10-15 years of pretty smooth skin. THEN. About 3 months ago, God welcomed me to perimenopause with a pizza face. I'm 35 years old and my skin has NEVER been worse. NEVER. It's really humiliating. And physically painful ('cause they're those zits that just stay under the surface of the skin and THROB.) Party time.