Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Acne 'Splosion!!

My face has blown the fuck up, people. I understand it's part of the healing process. I probably should have realized that this would happen. My skin is purging impurities and other grossness. Yeah, makes sense.

I should have thought of this before I started all my rituals. You know, maybe waited until my conference pres was over?!

I am not that bright, everyone.

But I think it went well. It was a very small audience, but hell, I don't care. There were maybe 10 people. And my 2 friends who came already knew what I was speaking about, so I didn't get to shock them. Ah well. Good feedback, and some good suggestions from the audience on ways to fill out my paper. I really think that I can do this for my dissertation. YAY PORN!!

Now that "Conferences, Symposia and Exhibitions" spot in my CV isn't blank, so yay. And there's no place to put attendance numbers on your CV. Oh hell yes. Now I just need a publication, and I'm good.

And my face to stop blowing the fuck up!

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liberalbanana said...

Thaat sucks! (The face thing, not the speech part.) I'd suggest using the stuff that I'm using these days but everyone's skin is different so...ah, what the hell. I'll do it anyway.

(Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser is super gentle and perfect for easily irritated oily skin. My face used to be red after a shower but now it's just normal. I also use a natural toner that's alcohol free. Now - pimples? Pretty much never. THANK JEBUS!)