Sunday, April 30, 2006

from the mixed-up files of mrs. (likeI'mreallygivingupmyrealname)...

How, exactly, does one lose a mostly-done pack of birth control pills?

I don't know, but my pack is now gone! Fear not, husband, as well as faithful internet readers. I get three months at a time, so I can just sub one pack for another. But still, how do things just go missing on me?

I think one of the cats might have stolen them. I don't recall putting them away, up in the cabinet above the fridge after I took one on Thursday night. Dumbasses, they can't get pregnant anyway, but I need those, bitches!

I guess I'll find the pack when we move. When I moved from my last house, I found about two packages of hair bands, a gross of pens and bobby pins by the truckload. In odd places, like under the oven, bed and fridge. These things regularly go missing on me.

Do you think they'll be okay to use when I find them? ;)

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ANDREW M. said...

hair bands, a gross of pens, and bobby pins are all suitable substitutes for birth control pills. it's merely a matter of swallowing them and/or shoving them up your... you get the idea.

but yes, they should be fine to use when you find them. they have a pretty long shelf life as long as they aren't taken out of the blister packs. nicole used to loose them all the time too...