Sunday, November 13, 2005

Who, me, hip??

So this meeting with my advisor on Friday, yeah, it was 45 minutes long. Good

Christ!! And he pretty much just read me his comments. Dude, I can read!! There

was this one passage, I loved it, where I reacted to an

oft-quoted statement on Lisa's work (the artist that I'm

writing about. Since I've spent a year on this project, I 've

decided that I can call her by her first name). The critic

said that he felt like a rock fan "parsing nuances on a guitar

strum." After I looked up what parsing meant (sorta like examining)I took issue with it. Because, well, that is completely dumb to me, there's nothing

subtle about her work, at all. So I likened her technique, in

the conclusion of chapter one, to a riff. And I began a

sentence with the phrase, "Like the opening chords to Smoke on

the Water...yadayada art speak pretensious...." And he didn't

know what I was talking about. HE doesn't know this song!!

He's in his late forties, I think, maybe early fifties. GOD!

Even if you don't know what it's called, you know that riff.

He said that I can't assume my audience is as hip as I am.

Uh, dude, the song, it's about 30 years old!! I give up, I will never impress him. Sigh



Mikey said...

EVERYBODY knows that song. Especially if you play any kind of guitar. I'm pretty sure that riff, 'smoke on the water' is the first riff anybody ever learns, I know It was mine.
Under what rock has this guy been livin'?

ANDREW M. said...

i can't think of any situation on any continent, asteroid, or planetary body in any time frame real or imagined at any time either structured or infinite that ANYONE would consider "smoke on the water" hip!

i also find it astounding that anyone under the age of 50 with two ears and a functioning radio wouldn't know that tune.